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Types of research papers

Deciphering. It is a research paper. Now for more details. Types of research papers

Research work is something that at least once everyone in college or university has encountered. Types of research papers It just wasn’t called so cryptically in most cases.

All students’ independent writings can be called research papers. Here are some types of research paper according by complicating:

  • Project. The implementation of a unique author’s idea. Projects are very fond of students at creative universities, preparing for conferences and exhibitions. Often it is purely practical research, there are usually no mandatory requirements for their design. That is why we appreciate them.
  • Report. Has a lot in common with the project. To understand the specifics, we can say that the report is more of a theoretical justification, while the project is a practical implementation. The report is designed for presentation in front of an audience (on the average for 10-15 minutes).

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  • Abstract. An uncomplicated type of R&D (the author is not required to put forward hypotheses and complex proofs). In essence – gathering materials on a theme and their retelling without special liberties. Almost a term paper. Creating abstracts pumps up the skills of working with information, which will come in handy in the creation of more complex research papers.
  • Essay. Creative work, in which you need to demonstrate the ability to express your own thoughts on the topic in a coherent written manner, it is possible (and sometimes even welcome) without reliance on authorities. Usually the volume of essays does not exceed five sheets.
  • Coursework. The first serious and responsible research work in higher education. Shows what knowledge and skills the student has mastered and how able to apply in practice. If in student life you can still somehow “skip” essays and projects, then coursework from the first year cannot be avoided.
  • These research projects have a clear structure: introduction, theoretical part and practical part (sometimes they do without it), as well as strict requirements for design (for more details see the link). The coursework is defended, i.e. its consistency is proved in front of the opponents. The topic chosen in the course, you can develop in the diploma. Dodgy guys do just that.
  • Diploma. Obligatory research work for the graduate student. Ideally, it reflects the level of knowledge and skills acquired during the years of study. The diploma is always written according to a clear structure, which is regulated by State Standards.
  • The dissertation and the first step to it is an article in a VAK journal. This is already an “advanced level”, if I may say so, a complicated diploma, a claim to a scientific degree. The structure and design are standardized as much as possible.

Most student papers (except for very creative ones) have a common structure:

Definition of the problem – what we write about, what we investigate.

  • Analysis of all available materials on the topic.
  • Conducting your own theoretical and practical research.
  • Conclusions, also independent.

As for the design, there must be:

  • Title page with the name of the university (or college), the topic, the name of the author and the checker.
  • Contents, so that it was easy to read the research paper and quickly find the necessary parts.
  • The introductory part, which gives a rationale for the choice of topic.
  • The main part. In works more complex and voluminous report it consists of at least two chapters, and better yet with practice.
  • Conclusion – results, conclusions.
  • Bibliography and appendices: detailed descriptions of experiments, graphs, maps, charts, etc.

And of course! Low percentage of plagiarism.

For essays and practical projects it is not a problem. But with term papers and diplomas, you will have to work hard. If student savvy does not help, you know where to go.

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