Travis Scott Batman: Reasons Why Delete His Instagram Account?

Travis Scott batman decided to dress up as Batman this Holloween, and Twitter couldn’t handle the design of his outfit. The musician released some pictures of himself in the costume on Instagram. Still, he eventually deleted them after people began making fun of his pants. And the mask that made him look like the comic book hero’s father, Thomas Wayne. Given the opportunity to laugh at Travis Scott’s batman’s costume. People see some of their funniest tweets. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one at the end!

About Travis Scott’s batman costume:

Travis Scott batman has deactivated his Instagram account. Yes, that’s right: Travis Scott has officially done a Travis. And trashed his social media accounts after people clowned him for posting a video of himself wearing a makeshift Batman costume. (At one point, he refers to himself as Bat Boy.) It is unclear why Scott was dressed up as The Dark Knight in the first place. But it appears he celebrates travis scott holloween early with a group of friends at his crib. Judging by some Instagram comments from fans, though, they weren’t too happy about it. What kind of role model are you? Wrote one user. A lot of kids look up to you, man. I don’t understand why you would do something so stupid when you already so much going on. Takedown your post now before it gets even more out of hand!

This isn’t funny or cool! You are better than that! Be an example for your son!!! Many commenters pointed out Travis Scott’s batman costume roast. They recently welcomed his second child with Kylie Jenner—was holding a bottle of lean while dressed as Batman. For those who aren’t familiar, lean is a codeine-based drink popularized by rappers such as Future and Lil Wayne. Some users also accused travis scott batman costume roast of being on drugs while filming himself walking around in what looks like pyjamas while rapping into a microphone. I hate how people think just because you rap music. You act wild and crazy, wrote one commenter. You are not all bad just because you rap music. People will judge you no matter what unless you show them who you are without putting yourself out there for them to judge you!


On October 31st, 2020, rapper Travis batman uploaded pictures of himself wearing a brown Batman costume. And a video of him approaching the costume on Instagram. The post received more than 830,000 likes in one week. That day, if you laugh at for dressing up as Batman, it’s because you look like trash doing it. In short, Travis Scott’s batman costume is not cool. You can’t just go around with that stuff without  judge by people who have good taste in fashion. Some people are too old to dress up as Batman, and they do so anyway. They should stop making fools out of themselves already!


On the same day, the post went viral on Instagram. Multiple users in the reply section of the post and other social media ridiculed Scott. Mocking him for wearing an unusual brown Travis Scott batman costume instead of the traditional black or black-and-grey variation. Users drew comparisons to other characters, including The Flea from ¡Mucha Lucha! and Hopper from A Bug’s Life, and mocked the costume through puns. On November 1st, following the influx of mocking comments. Travis Scott batman deleted his Instagram page, with multiple social media accounts reporting that this caused the deletion of the account to set off a Streisand Effect.

On the other hand, users on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and other platforms make numerous memes base on the photograph the following days. Especially those with a Mom Said It’s My Turn on the Xbox template. For example, a Facebook page called Rappers in Peculiar Places posted a well-received meme on Facebook with 4,800 reactions and 3,800 shares. Meanwhile, Reddit Redditor MonkeyGameAL also post a meme on the subreddit /r/travisscott. Which gained 3,500 upvotes in one day.

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Why did Travis Scott choose a Batman costume?

While it may seem like an odd travis scott costume choice for Travis Scott. We should probably remind ourselves that he’s a rapper and rappers love to boast about their wealth and fame. It’s doubtful that Travis is a billionaire (though he may think he is). But dressing up as Bruce Wayne, who was once a humble orphan before becoming a billionaire playboy and vigilante justice-seeker. Seems to fit with his image. There are many similarities between Travis Scott Batman. And Bruce Wayne: both men have link to Kylie Jenner. Both men also share a passion for music; Travis has even gone to call himself the number one rockstar on Earth. And, of course, both men are known for wearing masks—Bruce wears one to conceal his identity from his enemies while ridding Gotham City of crime; Travis wears one because well that’s what rappers do?

What happened with the Batman costume?

The Sicko Mode rapper showed off his best effort for Halloween when he posted a video of himself dressed as Bruce Wayne on Instagram. Though many thought it was clever. Some fans cruelly comment that they didn’t think it looked like him. And encourage him to get a better costume in future attempts. It wasn’t long before Travis Scott batman outfit took down his Instagram page altogether. We guess he didn’t want to deal with trolls anymore! It turns out that Travis is such a big fan of The Dark Knight that he even purchases director Christopher Nolan’s luxury estate in Los Angeles for $23 million last year (oh, to be rich and famous). Perhaps we’ll see him dress up as the superhero again next year? Yes, you can expect it.

How did his fans react?

Not long after batman travis scott released a new song. It seems like he’s now giving his fans a treat for Halloween. The rapper posted an image of himself dressed as Batman on Instagram today. Although it’s unclear whether or not he was trolling. There were plenty of comments from fans are bad react to him on his costume. One fan noted that they think this is what Bruce Wayne would look like if he could rap. Another said you are my favorite Travis Scott batman ever. No offence to anybody else who has done it before you, my dude! Several people felt it was odd. Because there have been rumours that Travis had turned down playing Jor-El in a movie about Superman Starring Henry Cavill.

Why did Travis Scott delete his Instagram account?

After Scott deleted his Instagram account, people inquired why he deactivated his account on social media. While some suggested he prepare to launch a new album. Others said that he might have  upset by the mocking comments he got after uploading Travis Scott Batman costume roast photo. The Astroworld rapper’s fans claim some of the comments were nasty. And racist and that the rapper was upset about them. “Travis Scott badman outfit deleted his Instagram after fans clowned his Batman costume,” the No Jumper podcast tweeted. “Y’all bullied Travis Scott off Instagram, huh?

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