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Top tourist activities in Dubai in 2022

We’ve got you covered if you’re seeking the most significant activities to enjoy in Dubai. Top tourist activities in Dubai in 2022 There are several unique things to explore and see in Dubai, from beautiful beaches to the magnificent rooftop terrace, big world-class parties to desert getaways. And to make sure you don’t skip out, we’ve compiled a list of the most acceptable activities to have and sites to see in Dubai listed here. Top tourist activities in Dubai in 2022

We offer you the most significant recreational activities, enjoying dhow cruise, film adventures, ladies’ evenings, breakfasts, fun activities, award-winning eateries, and many more in Dubai. Top tourist activities in Dubai in 2022

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It’s the moment to head out there and begin checking off most of these great activities to enjoy in Dubai on your wish list of venues to explore in Dubai.

A visit to the Musandam Peninsula for the daytime:

This is a must-do if leisure in your Dubai schedule allows for an additional day’s travel. You’d be giving yourself a disservice if you traveled to Dubai and didn’t stop to see the most serene and picturesque part of the Arabian Peninsula. And it’s right around the corner! It’s essentially an Omani enclave that juts towards the Strait of Hormuz.

We may also make an exception and suggest that a trip to the Hajar Mountains near Ras Al Khaimah and Hatta would offer you a good feeling of the state’s barbaric splendor. However, whenever it pertains to serene, natural beauty, Musandam is in a class by itself.

Authentic Emirati cuisine is available for everyone:

Although Dubai is known for its wide range of global cuisines, don’t depart without sampling a typical Emirati lunch. Whether via the SMCCU ethnic initiative or searching out priceless secrets throughout the city that serve Middle Eastern specialties to more typical Bedouin foods, there’s something for everyone.

Take a trip to the desert dunes: By Dubai

It doesn’t require much to travel outside the city’s local community to several Dubai desert safari lodges, which serve as a beautiful reflection of where you are. There are several different types of desert safaris currently available, from early camel rides to falconry shows, as well as classic Dubai safari campsites when you prefer to spend the night.

Many desert safaris begin with a mid-afternoon hotel departure, accompanied by a dramatic dune smashing into a tent where a traditional Bedouin meal is provided. Desert activities, including quad biking, skimboarding, and dune vehicle trips, are likely to be part of your adventure.

Unwind at the phenomenal beaches of Dubai:

Many visitors travel to Dubai to take advantage of the year-round pleasant weather and sunlight. There are several coastal sites to visit in Dubai, and if you’re on a strict timeline, JBR – The Beach is an excellent place to start. The region has been constructed with tourists in mind, with a wonderfully groomed beach shoreline providing everything from water activities to camel treks.

Many beaches worth visiting are Jumeirah Beach for ‘that’ famous picture of the Burj Al Arab, or the newer La Mer beachside region if you’re looking for exciting and quirky vibes, charming cottages, and plenty of great restaurants by the water.

Explore the historic souks:

Somewhat on the Deira side of Dubai, the Old Souks stand in stark opposition to contemporary Dubai and the shopping centers and towers of Downtown Dubai. There are a myriad of transportation alternatives available, such as tours if you want to view more of the activity around the stream banks or a classic abra for just 1 AED.

Those looking for a more contemporary Arabian souk atmosphere might go to Souk Madinat, located closer west in the town’s Jumeirah district. Although not the same as bargains, there are still amazing sights and an excellent shopping mood, which welcomes changes from the malls.

A day around the Palm Atlantis:

If you want an all-in-one bundle that highlights Dubai’s luxury and lavish side, Atlantis the Palm is indeed the place to go. Atlantis, a premium 5-star hotel located upon its top of Palm Jumeirah, is connected to Aquaventure, several of the world’s most significant water slides. You may simply go to the public pool for some outdoor excitement and thrills, or you can spend around at the lodge for an excursion that includes both the water park as well as the Lost Chambers aquariums.

The Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountains:

Let’s end with anything cheap and straightforward. The Dubai Fountains are staged nighttime entertainment that takes place at the base of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. Every fountain performance stays about 5 minutes, and there’s much to view and enjoy in the local area, including buying at the world’s largest shopping complex or dining at several of the hundreds of eateries that surround the fountains.


There are several unique things to explore and see in Dubai, from beautiful beaches to magnificent rooftop terraces. We’ve compiled a list of the most acceptable activities to have and sites to see in Dubai listed here. From camel rides to falconry shows, there’s something for everyone in Dubai.

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