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Top tools for Shopify App Developers

Surely you know that for online selling, it is not enough to make an ecommerce and wait for the sales to start.  Vice versa.  This is deep and ongoing work. Top tools for Shopify App Developers The more time you spend optimizing your online store, the higher your productivity and profitability will be.

If you really dream about a quality project on Shopify, then shopify plus developers will definitely give you a helping hand. Top tools for Shopify App Developers

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Today’s list is split into two parts: apps to improve digital marketing actions and apps to improve user experience.

Shopify Apps to Improve Your Digital Marketing Activities

App 1. Mailchimp

We’ll start with the basics, one of the essential tools for anyone digital marketing and sending out an extra newsletter.

What is the MailChimp app in Shopify for?  While it has many more uses, we advise you to use MailChimp to design and organize campaigns and send automated emails.

Price: Free plans / payment plans from 10 €.

App 2. Connect SEO

Another Shopify foundation is to have a good SEO optimization app for your online store.  As you know, proper optimization of your site is necessary in order for it to take the first position.

Price: Free tariff / payment plan from 20 € / month.

App 3. Facebook chat

With this app, you can connect your website to your Facebook page and improve your customer service.

Price: There are several tariff plans, depending on the requirements.  Has free and paid plans

App 4. Instafeed

Take advantage of social networking with this app.  If you have a thorough Instagram page where your goods take the lead, it would be a very good idea to integrate this app with your own commercial place.

Price: Free

App 5. Kit – Facebook Ads

Kit is a versatile social media app for Shopify.  Its main functionality and differentiating factor is that it gives you an opponent to easily manage your Facebook ad campaigns.

Price: Free

Apps to Improve Ecommerce User Experience

Let’s say you’ve already received a fair amount of visits to your website, but the percentage of visits that go away without making a purchase is higher than you’d like.  Does this happen to you?  This is more common than we would like.  Don’t worry, with these apps you can change your results.

App 6. Free Shipping Panel

Free Shipping Dashboard is a free Shopify app that allows you to display a top bar with specials or important information.  This will ensure that all users visiting your site are aware of this alternative and will help increase the number of purchases.

Price: Free Basic Plan / Premium Plan $ 9.99 per month.

App 7. Oberlog

If you want to expand your product catalog with Oberlog, you can very easily import the entire AliExpress catalog.

Price: Various plans: Free – $ 29.90 / month – $ 79.90 / sec.

App 8. Yotpo Reviews: Reviews

Another very important aspect that drives ecommerce sales is testimonials.  Any user who is about to make a purchase appreciates the comments of other buyers.  Yotpo allows you to integrate this functionality into your online store goods.

Price: Free

App 9. Popularity of Sales from Beeketing

With this application, you enable the ability to show notifications for goods that the clients have previously visited.

Price: different tariff plans depending on functionality.

App 10. Wishlist Plus

Users usually don’t buy when they first visit a website.  They usually research different products and find interesting ones.  If you activate the Wishlist feature, the user will be able to control the items of interest to him when he is ready to make a purchase.

These are the tools that will help you develop your commercial business even more.  Also, you always have the opportunity to transfer domain from squarespace to shopify through specialists.

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