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Top Tips to find internships in the UK as an International student?

Studying abroad in any part of the world is a great decision. You need to enhance and further boost the benefits of this decision by becoming a scoring student and picking up internships during your study period in that country. Now you may be puzzled; why should I take on an additional responsibility that will eat away my time? That’s normal for a student to think that way.

Still, as per experts, an internship can do wonders to allow you to gain industry knowledge, do networking and build your resume. Students’ next question is, “how do we get these internships? I am so new to the country”. Read this blog to gain a complete insight into finding internships in the UK as an International Student. Stay tuned!

As a student, you will have to ultimately become in sync with that internships form an integral part of your university journey while studying in the UK or any part of the world. Internships are recommended because they allow you to taste what it is like to work in their choice of industry, gain knowledge, experience, and prove to be a valuable addition to your resume. If you are lucky, this internship can soon tune into a full-time job for you once you complete your studies!

When you are in the UK for your studies and international student, you should preferably pick up these internships during your holiday period. It is because you are free to do the internship during that time; otherwise, it may interfere with your studies. But even during school hours, students manage to settle for internships.

Unpaid internships are most common in the UK, but you can get a paid internship in the UK. To get a paid one, you will have to do some research, of course, and once you get it, remember that many top companies offer a significant stipend to intern with them. So this becomes an important motivational factor for a student to find an internship in the UK. Off late, you will be happy to know that many small businesses have also started offering students a paid UK internship. So well, many students wish to take up internships while studying in the UK but really don’t have an idea to get started. Don’t worry; this blog aims to provide students with Top tips to find internships in the UK as international students.

Top Tips to find internships in the UK as an International student

While in the UK, an internship picked during the holiday period by the student usually lasts between 2-10 weeks. Its applications start around September, so students need to begin the process and start applying much in advance!

Top Tip #1: Application Process

Applying for an internship in the UK is like applying for a job. Remember, it is a competitive affair like when applying for an appointment! It is because there are specific industries where an internship is a primary way into the profession. For taking up an internship, you will have to complete an application form, attend an interview, and showcase that you have the knowledge and motivation to benefit from the internship.

Top Tip #2: Know about your work permits

As an international student, before applying for an internship, it is recommended to, first of all, find out everything you need to know about work permits from the government website gov.UK-work visas.

Top Tip #3: Paid services

You can look at some organizations that will arrange placements for you in different countries. However, their services are paid for. It will fetch you an internship in your preferred discipline and location, and the visa application process is taken care of for you. Here is a list of organizations that offer you these paid services.

  • China Internship Placements
  • CRCC Asia
  • The Intern Group
  • Pave Internships
  • Start Me Up.

Top Tip #4: Finding a Potential Company

Every international student is usually faced with how to find a potential company to intern within the UK. The student should keep in mind the following websites when finding internships in the UK as an international student.

  • Milkround

Milround is one of the most popularly known websites in the UK among students. Milkround supports students to get their internships in the UK by helping achieve a better professional image by providing simple ready-to-go CV and resume templates, cover letters, and job applications. When applying for an internship for the very first time, Milround is a must-visit.

  • UK

GOV.UK is a fantastic official website of the UK that supports international students with various internships opportunities in all parts of the UK.

  • Student Circus

The Student Circus website helps you connect with your peers, who will extend their valuable support to help you achieve better job offers from established UK employers.

  • Target Jobs

Target jobs is a platform very similar to Facebook. You will find many links and discussions related to a job opening, discussions, online workshops, and many more. This website allows you to surf various industry job offers and increase your network to land up with better internships prospects for yourself.

  • Rate My Placement

The Rate, My Placement website permits you to upload your resume and portfolio on their website. As UK employers visit this website, your direct visibility to them increases to secure an internship for you. Also, you get to know more details about the various employers by reading their reviews posted, company credentials, and advice pages to read all the information related to career and personal development.

·         Employment 4 Students

E4S is amongst the most popular internship websites in the UK. It supports students to find internships during a student’s holiday period. This website lists opportunities for all kinds of international students in the UK, whether you are in school, college, or university.

Top Tip #5: Career service

Every college or university abroad has its own career service cell on campus, either physically or virtually. It would help if you were in touch with them about your need for an internship and in what industry. They would also support with opportunities subject to your application, interview, and selection by the company.

Top Tip #6: Network

It is essential to work on your networking skills. Thus an easy way to do this is to connect and communicate with your potential employers for internship via various social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Top Tip # 7: Tap your own network

When seeking internship opportunities in the UK as an international student, don’t underestimate the power of your contacts in the country. Do network with your own family and friends to see what connections they have that comes to your rescue!

Doing internships for students is crucial to taste what it is like to work in their preferred sector. Moreover, undoubtedly it gives students a competitive advantage while applying for jobs and fetch you a better while interning at a company. The trend for most international students while studying in the UK is to take up an internship during their holiday period. Picking up an internship is a must and valuable, and take care that you pick the best internships at the best possible time.

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