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Top Tips to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

When it comes to estate planning, you need to do it right. It’s an important aspect of preparing for your future and your loved ones’ future. It can be quite challenging, Top Tips to Choose an Estate Planning but it is necessary. 

But while it is something you shouldn’t overlook, it is certainly a difficult task to deal with alone. You need an estate planning attorney to represent you and help you with this matter. Still, Top Tips to Choose an Estate Planning finding a good estate planning lawyer is not easy, but it is worth doing it if you want positive results. 

If you want to start planning your estate, here are some tips on choosing an estate planning lawyer:

  1. Ask Your Family and Friends

When you are overwhelmed by the amount of information and reviews you have to research to determine how reliable a lawyer is, you may feel discouraged. But you don’t have to do all that research alone – especially if someone close to you already went through estate planning. 

Recommendations can help you a lot. If you know that a good friend or a family member worked with a trustworthy lawyer, you can hire the same attorney. This is especially a good thing to do if the family member or friend shares the same life goals and values.

So, make sure to ask your friend circle and family for recommendations on estate planning lawyers. You might be lucky.

2. Don’t Limit Your Search Geographically

When you live in a specific area, perhaps you are thinking of only limiting your search there. However, you should not concern yourself with geography too much.

For instance, if you live in Brooklyn, you can still look for a Long Island estate planning lawyer to help you. The attorney doesn’t necessarily have to live in the same area. If you find a reliable lawyer a bit further away, you can still take advantage of this opportunity. 

However, you should make sure that the attorney is licensed in the same state. Whereas you don’t necessarily need a lawyer from the same town, it would be ideal to seek help from attorneys who are licensed in your state. They should be well-versed in the individual state law in your location considering each state has its own Estate Planning laws. 

3. Make a List of Your Particular Needs

Before looking for the right lawyer, you should know what you want and why you are thinking of hiring an attorney, to begin with. What are your goals for the estate plan? Make a list where you include everything you want from this plan. For instance, you may want to:

  • Update or revise a plan that already exists
  • Write a whole plan from scratch
  • Set up and fund a Trust
  • Get advice or help for eliminating or reducing future tax liabilities for the estate and/or the beneficiaries
  • Complete a certain aspect of the plan

4. Ask A Lot of Questions

You may have to go through several lawyers before hiring the right one. But the best way to ensure the success of your search is to interview all the lawyers you discovered. Some of the things you can ask the lawyer are:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Where did you obtain your law degree from?
  • How can we keep in touch?
  • How will I get any updates regarding my estate plan?
  • How should we communicate?
  • Do you hold any certifications?
  • What are your rates and fees?
  • Should I expect any extra charges?

5. Avoid Attorneys Who Dodge Offering Information

While those who become estate planning lawyers do it to help people like you, not everyone will be trustworthy. There are individuals who like the idea of becoming a lawyer due to the high income, but they will not be the best at what they do.

If an estate planning attorney you are talking to is dodging providing information or is taking too long to explain something, you should see some red flags. All attorneys should be able to explain all legal matters in a way that you can understand. If the lawyer can’t offer you the information you want, maybe you should look for someone else to help you.

The Bottom Line By Estate

Once you understand what estate planning is and why it’s important, you might think about hiring an estate planning lawyer. Use the tips in this article to find a good lawyer and draft your estate plan properly.

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