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Top Things To Do Before Getting Your Cat Home

It is always an exciting event to welcome someone home, and this excitement multiplies if it is a pet. Cats and dogs have been human beings’ companions for ages, and cats are known for their long commitment. It is no wonder most people are adopting cats during the dire time of the Covid-19 pandemic. They help people sail away from the solitude and the uncertainty of the present times. But as you and your home get ready before the arrival of a guest, there are many things to take care of, from cat food to vaccines before the kitten’s arrival.

Make a list of things you will need to ensure your kitten is protected, healthy and happy. For example, you can consider purchasing affordable cat insurance from Bivvy to help cover the expenses of regular vet checkups, any accidents or illnesses, and vaccinations.

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Can you be a responsible pet owner?

Before getting a cat home, it is essential to consider whether the family members can commit to a responsible relationship with the pet. It is a lengthy relationship you will achieve, and it might extend to twenty years sometimes. To avoid abandoning the cat after years of adoption or sending it to an animal shelter, decide your responsibility and commitment in this decision.

It would be better if all the family members were cat lovers:

If you live alone, it is easy to decide on the adoption but discuss the desire with the family members. It needs much preparation done together as a family so that the arrival becomes the most memorable moment in your life.

An allergy to cats is the common reason some people disagree about getting one home. Avoid sending the cat to a shelter home; it is painful to realise you are allergic to it after its arrival. To prevent this, it is better to spend some time around them before the adoption.

Discuss with the family members the various processes involved in taking care of a kitten, including grooming, buying quality cat food, feeding, and many other duties. Encourage all the members to help as it is not child’s play! Moreover, ensure that the cat food is hypoallergenic to prevent your cat from developing an allergic reaction. Reconsider adoption if any family member disagrees with taking responsibility. You can consider the decision only after convincing them.

A cat that goes with the lifestyle:

Consider your lifestyle before adopting a cat because they need love and companionship. To be active and happy, they need busy people around. Think about your routine and lifestyle to calculate how much time you will spend with the cat. Are you a workaholic and travel a lot? Or will you spend time with the kitten at home? There is no doubt that the cat will bring changes to your life, big or small. Be ready for it before the adoption.

Decide the preference:

Decide whether you have time to get a kitten or an adult cat. Grooming a kitten needs more time and attention than an adult cat because they are new to the human world, particularly to your lifestyle. It is suggested to adopt kitties in pairs so that they won’t be alone while growing. Adult cats have a more stable personality than kittens, mixing well with children and elders.

Do you have a vaccination centre near your home?

Get the pets vaccines at regular intervals to avoid severe problems in the future. Covid-19 is the time when people realised the importance of taking vaccines. No matter how far you live from the vaccination centre, the exact significance and care should be given to vaccinating the pets. Get in touch with the vet and know about the cat’s medications. Further, ask the vet to plan a menu to provide proper nutrition to the cat.

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