Top scary Roblox games

Top scary Roblox games

Several types of activities are available on Roblox. These activities include horrifying and scary games. Moreover, these games are easily available for the players and other peoples. The following is the list of available top scary Roblox games.

Top scary Roblox games
Top scary Roblox games

1.     Piggy traitor mode

Piggy traitor mode is the scariest Roblox game. Along with other players, you need to get escape from a scary creature known as Piggy that is another player.  Moreover, every other player in the game is a survivor.  The traitor is not working with the Piggy, and Piggy can kill the player during the game. Being a traitor, a player needs to kill other survivors.

2.     Horror elevator

Horror elevator is another scary Roblox game. Creepypastas give birth to rake and likes of Slender. This game is one of the top scary Roblox games. Horror elevator guides the players to confront the creatures from both creepypastas and other famous scary franchises such as Jason Voorhees. On 30 different floors, a player can live or die in the game.

3.     The Roblox Plague 2

During an illness, a person needs to keep a distance from other people and other players. Roblox Plague 2 is another scary Roblox game that people enjoy playing. In this game, the people who interact with you and come in contact with you can also be infected. So you will have to adopt the opposite strategy that is come in contact with other people to make them ill. In this way, you can beat your rivals. In this game, you need to spread terror, illness, and infection.

Top scary Roblox games:

The Roblox Plague 2 is scary and a teaching game that teaches you the importance of social distancing. Social distancing helps to get off infections and viruses that spread when people contact each other.

4.     Nightmare Mine

Nightmare Mine is another scary Roblox game that people from all over the world like to play. In this game, there is a mining facility that is usually run by zombies. Zombies increase the terror and fear in this game.  Most peoples think that zombies once in their lives were minors and a significant member of Robloxia with their families. After surrounding the black rocks, zombies turned into husks. In this game, you need to stop the husks from spreading and help save your life to win the game.

5.     Zombie Rush

It is one of the top scary Roblox games. Zombie rush is another scary Roblox game which is similar to Nightmare Mine. In this game, you also have to stop the spread of zombie husks but by taking some actions. You will have to pass every level by stooping the hundreds and thousands of zombies rushing towards you at every level. You will have to kill the last zombie to get yourself protect.

6.     Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn is another scary Roblox game, the aim of this game is to survive until the Dawn. You will have to complete every challenge and pass every level as well as keeping yourself secure until Dawn. By doing this, you can make a win in this game.


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