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Top Places to Find Tech Jobs in Singapore

Without technology experts working in the fields, we would probably be in the stone age. And while they play such crucial roles in innovation and product development, not many tech experts settle into their dream careers. Jobs in Singapore

According to the Global Innovation Index, Singapore takes first place in the Asian market and 7th worldwide in terms of innovations. And with over 80 of the 100 tech firms having branches in Singapore, it is a hotbed for tech experts.

Now, are you wondering where to find tech jobs in Singapore? Keep reading to find out more.

Find tech jobs in Singapore

The docket in which technology experts work is vast. Whether it is a data entry clerk who monitors and analyzes data, an artificial intelligence expert or a security expert, the options are limitless.

In Singapore, technology recruitment entails:

  • Cybersecurity professionals– Digital transformation has its upside and downside. While you go paperless, you expose all sorts of data to mischievous internet users. To protect your company, your data, and that of your clientele, a cybersecurity expert is a must.
  • Software engineers and developers– Based on the Economic Development Board of Singapore’s report, more than 50,000 jobs will be added to the already existing 180,000 ICT jobs currently available in the market. And with more start-ups finding refuge in the Singapore economy, there is always a need for a software engineer. Now, this is where you find tech jobs in Singapore.
  • Data Analysts– these professionals help turn raw data into actionable insights that companies use to make decisions on their sales, production and management. And with increased reliance on said data, data scientists, data analytics, and data engineers are in demand now more than ever.

Where can you find tech jobs in Singapore?

Job hunting is different for different people. While some have referrals, you might be fresh out of school looking to venture into the tech field. You may choose to find a job yourself, but that is not only time consuming but quite outdated.

With professional service providers flooding the job search market, you can upload your CV and wait for a job that matches your preference and qualifications.

Why you should use our recruitment service

Walking alone can be scary, especially when you want to find a job in the tech field, flooded with all sorts of opportunities. That is why we help you get to where to find tech jobs in Singapore.

  • We coordinate with teams from local companies, which means we have first-hand information on what positions are open.
  • Also, we use end-to-end services, which entails a complete guide through the recruitment process. So, you never have to leave wondering whether you submitted your resume or not.
  • Being a professional recruitment service provider, we will find you the job that matches your requirement, whether permanent, interim, or contract jobs.

What is the recruitment process?

To find you the most exclusive and relevant job among the hundreds of postings we get, we have created the best end-to-end recruitment process.

  • Employers describe their job specification
  • We then access our candidate database and market the job to you if you have the qualified requirements
  • You then apply for the job and await the candidate selection process by the employer
  • Should you pass the preliminary screening, you get the invitation for an interview. If you need help preparing for the interview, we have got you covered.
  • If you impress your employer in the interview, you will receive an offer, which we offer advice on any expectations. You can also request detailed salary data to make a better bargain
  • Placement is the final step, where we help you with the contract legalities.

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