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Top Essentials to Buy Before You Bring Your First Puppy Home

Whether you have recently become a first-time dog owner or are about to become a first-Top Essentials to Buy Before You Bring time dog owner, congratulations! You are about to experience a never-ending source of unconditional love and cuddles.

And if you know someone who is about to get their first puppy or is already in the throes of puppy parenthood, Top Essentials to Buy Before You Bring then please consider this list your gift guide for the ages. Before you bring home the puppy, you must ensure that you have everything to ensure their comfort.  Here are our picks for all the essentials every new puppy parent needs. Top Essentials to Buy Before You Bring

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Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppy-proofing your home is one of the most important things you can do before bringing your new puppy home. There are so many items that can be harmful, dangerous, or just plain annoying for a puppy, and it’s up to you to ensure that they’re out of reach.

You’ll want to put away all toxic substances, such as cleaning products and pesticides, even if the container says “safe for pets”. Avoid storing any other chemicals or hazardous materials in areas where your dog could reach them. Also, make sure no breakable items are on shelves above eye level. Most puppies will jump onto furniture or cabinets to explore these new surroundings.

Finally, ensure none of the items stored around your house are chewable. And even if they are made of strong materials like steel wool pads, they aren’t safe either because they can get stuck between teeth and cause infections.

Purchase a Crate

A crate is a good tool for training your dog. It allows it to feel safe and secure, helping it learn that its crate is a place where it can rest without being worried about being abandoned or left alone. A crate also gives you peace of mind when you are out of the house, as it will keep your pup from destroying belongings while you are gone. If needed, place the crate in an area where there are no distractions, and your dog won’t be tempted to leave it at any point during the day.

When using crates as part of dog training, only put them inside when they have been sleeping for at least half an hour or so. It gives them time to wake up before entering what should be considered their den. Be sure not to overuse this method, though. Otherwise, it could become traumatic for your pooch.

Find the Best Food For Your Dog

Finding age-appropriate puppy food is paramount to your dog’s health. Puppies need a specially formulated diet that helps them grow and develop. It is a common misconception that puppies can eat regular adult dog food, but it isn’t true. It’s important to feed your puppy food that’s made specifically for pups because their nutritional needs are different from those of adult dogs.

Puppies also eat a lot more than adult dogs do. They need to eat about three times every day, usually once in the morning for breakfast, once midday for lunch, and again in the evening for dinner. Puppy parents should also aim to feed their pups at regular times each day rather than leaving it up to chance when hunger strikes, puppies are best served when fed on schedule.

Training Essentials

Training your puppy is an important part of bringing them home. You want to make sure that they are trained to obey basic commands like sit and stay. You also want to make sure that they know how to play with other people and animals so they don’t get scared or aggressive around others.

In addition to basic training, it’s also crucial that you train your puppy on ways for them to feel comfortable when faced with new situations or environments. This way, if there’s ever an emergency where you have to evacuate the house suddenly or bring him/her along somewhere new like a pet store, they will be able to adapt easily without getting stressed out about being away from home for too long.

Buy All the Must-Have Toys

Puppies will learn how to play with toys, which is why you need to buy a variety of toys for your puppy. A good toy will be safe for your puppy to chew and won’t break easily while still being fun enough that they’ll want to play with it. Toys that are interactive and require interaction from the dog will keep them busy longer than those with only one function.

Puppy-friendly toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can buy a variety of toys online from PetCareRx. These range from soft plush animals made specifically for small mouths to tough plastic chew toys that can withstand aggressive biting by even large breeds like German Shepherds or Rottweilers. The key thing for new owners is finding something appropriate for their particular breed(s).

Puppies Are Cute, But They Are Also a Lot of Work!

Puppies are cute, but be prepared to give them all they need. Puppies need a lot of attention, and they need to be trained. You should train your puppy so that they can become a good family pet.

When you bring your puppy home for the first time, make sure that they have all the necessary supplies. It includes collar and leash, food bowl and water bowl (or automatic pet feeder), bedding or doggie blanket (for crate training), toys and chewies, shampoo/conditioner combo (for bathing), and treats for training purposes only.


We hope these supplies will help you to have a great time with your new puppy. Remember that it is important to get the right size crate, toys, and especially food for your dog’s age. Keep in mind also that some dogs have special needs beyond what we’ve listed here. If you have a puppy with particular dietary restrictions or allergies, seek professional help.

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