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Top directions in the IT industry that will be relevant in 2022

This year the number of mobile devices will exceed 30 billion units, by next year this figure will increase to 40 billion. To serve such gigantic figures, Top directions in the IT industry that will be relevant in 2022 the IT industry will require more and more new specialists and software products.

Maintenance of IoT devices By Industry

For the first time the concept of “smart programs” appeared about 20 years ago and assumed the possibility of remote control of various objects of residential infrastructure. Top directions in the IT industry that will be relevant in 2022 Today, IoT systems unite a huge number of products from various consumer segments: smart home systems, drones, digital radars, medical devices, self-driving cars and many others.

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The task of IoT devices is to perform certain functions to improve the quality of life of users. Technically, the equipment collects data, analyzes and makes decisions based on the allowed options. For example, sensors in a storage room record the air temperature and, at a minimum value, automatically turn on the heating system. Or motion sensors at the entrance group analyze suspicious activity and activate the security system.

The software for such systems is constantly being modernized and users have access to options for managing household infrastructure objects using a phone or tablet. Taking into account the active development of these user systems, it is quite logical that more personnel will be required for high-quality equipment maintenance.

Working with big data For Industry

According to the calculations of the research company IDC, the total amount of digital information by the end of 2021 will grow to 45 trillion gigabytes. Without storage and analysis, this data would not be of such value. Big data analysts process big data. Today the demand for these personnel is constantly growing in the countries of the European Union, where the number of data centers has doubled in the last 5 years alone. Data analysis consulting will remain relevant for a long time.

Technologies for processing big data make it possible to store and organize information in large volumes. There are a number of specializations in this area: analyst, engineer, system administrator and manager. The most demanded specialty is information data researcher. The task of the researcher is to create an algorithm of actions that can find certain patterns in the information and will distribute the data according to the characteristics and purpose.

IT industry

Objectively, a researcher of information flows is both a scientist and a programmer in one bottle.

Ensuring the security of information data

The security of commercial information is becoming a top priority for many trading corporations. Cyberattacks and corporate crimes can undermine the well-being of a trading company as much as price jumps or force majeure circumstances.

The consequences of unauthorized intrusions are becoming more and more widespread. It makes sense that the data security staff will not have any less work.

Even without taking into account hacker attacks, the company has many risks of losing important information. The task of an information security specialist is to create and test software to prevent accidental or intentional data leaks.

The highest paid area in cybersecurity is penetration testing. White hackers are needed for authorized hacking of the system in order to identify vulnerabilities in the system and prevent hacker attacks in the future. The task of a pentester is not only to test the system, but also to develop up-to-date recommendations for effective information security of the company. DataArt is also very popular.

Testing of automation systems

Software inconsistencies can be huge losses today. Sometimes at stake such shortcomings are multi-million circulations of cars or other expensive equipment. In these conditions, testing of automated systems becomes an important part of the overall security strategy.

Test engineers create software to identify and eliminate errors in the firmware of products. Testers must be knowledgeable in programming languages, have a basic technical education and appropriate certifications.

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