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Top Attractions To See In A Private Cruise In Mykonos

Top Attractions To See In A Private Cruise In Mykonos

Greece is one of the most sought European countries, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and natural picturesque. The country consists of both mainlands connected to the European continent and a group of islands that give a perfect view of the Aglean Sea and the surrounding natural beauty. Mykonos is one of these Greek islands, a part of the Cyclades to be very precise. 

But, truth be told, if you want to enjoy the island’s beauty, you need a cruise- the best would be getting a private cruise Mykonos. Not only it will give you ample opportunities to visiting the various tourist spots along the coastline of the island but also you can venture out in the deep sea and admire its beauty. 

But, before that, you got to know about the places that offer the most spectacular view on the entire island of Mykonos. And so, here, we will be describing a few places that you need to see from a cruise tour on the Greek island. So, let’s start!


Well, being a cruiser, you can never miss the capital town of the island- Chora. The predominant color that you can see in most of the Greek settlements is white, and this small quaint village has expertly lived up to the expectations. If you take a stroll along the small alleyways of the village, you will find the houses being painted in white, with balconies made of wood, and windows having blue shutters. The streets of the village are designed like a maze and it is said that the design was specifically built to confuse and baffle the raiders who came by sea. 


If you are on one of the private Mykonos paradise cruises, you cannot miss visiting the archeological site of the Delos. If you know well enough about the basics of Greek mythology, you will find out that this island is referred to be the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis- the gods of light, beauty, harmony, and the sun. The entire island is inhabited. You can still visit the ruins of the houses that once sat on the soil of Delos Island. 

Little Venice

Another most exciting place to visit in your Mykonos day cruise is Little Venice. It is a small and tranquil village sitting right along the coastline, with a blue backdrop of the Aglean Sea’s waters. It is the romantic hub of the entire Mykonos city, marked with colorful buildings and vibrant nightlife. In fact, the village of Little Venice is said to be the artistic pillar of the island and you can see great paintings being sold on the stone streets of the village. 

The windmills

Well, this Greece island is said to be The Island of Winds, and so, the presence of these two windmills wouldn’t exactly amaze you. These two colossal pieces of wheels have been standing upright along the coastline of the line since the 16th century. Even though now it has become a tourist site, in earlier days, it is believed that the windmills were a huge part of Greek agriculture. So, do not miss this spot if you are on a private cruise Mykonos

Ano Mera village

You cannot end your private cruise Mykonos without visiting this old village town of Ano Mera. The village has a slightly distinct lifestyle as compared to the beaches since here you will find normal settlements that should be in a town. The village has a great collection of taverns which were once famous in the country of Greece. You can even visit the Monastery of Panagias if you wish to venture deep into this village. 


Even though the island is small and houses an average number of inhabitants, since the past few years, it has become one of the major tourist spots of Greece. Be it because of the rich historical past of the island or because of the natural beauty of the Aglean Sea and coastal nightlife, Mykonos is attracting a lot of tourists from all across the world. So, make sure to get one of the best Mykonos cruises and start planning for exploration. 

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