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Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

When it comes to having a hobby or a passion to help pass the time whilst not working, celebrities are not much different from normal folk like ourselves. Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley loves to click his knitting needles, Brad Pitt likes a turn on the pottery wheel, Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Gamble Rod Stewart loves to play around with his model railways whilst Claudia Schiffer likes to while away her spare hours in the company of her vast insect collection.

But what’s ever happened to the gambling, boozing, Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Gamble and general carousing lifestyles of the modern celebrity, you may well ask. Well, whatever about the boozing and carousing, tons of today’s celebrities are renowned for their gambling skills, many of whom can be checked out in this comprehensive list of celebrities who really can’t hide their passion for gambling. So, who are the best performers when it comes to celebrity bettors? The following reveals the top 7 big hitters in the gambling game. Top 7 Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

1. Ben Affleck

This Hollywood actor and director has won a myriad of awards for his work including a couple of Oscars and several Golden Globes. But the accolades don’t stop there. Affleck has also been successful in many poker tournaments and in 2004, he not only won $356,400 in the California State Poker Championship but also qualified for the World Poker Tour final tournament. The Hollywood star also enjoys playing blackjack and has the ability to count cards – even though the casinos are not too keen on this method of playing. Like his character Batman, Affleck uses his powers for good and in 2020 organized an online celebrity-studded poker game for the Feeding America charity, earning almost $2 million for the cause.

2. Matt Damon

If movie star friendships were poker hands, then Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would be considered as the top pair. The duo has been friends since childhood and not only collaborated on the Academy Award-winning movie, Good Will Hunting (1997) but also worked in tandem to organize the above-mentioned Feeding America charity poker tournament. Other stars who took part included popular movie stars Adam Sandler, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Smith, as well as Adam Levine, and Tom Brady. Damon, of course, had the opportunity to act as a high-stakes poker player in the 1998 movie Rounders where he had the chance to rub shoulders with the world-renowned poker champion, Johnny Chan, who played a cameo role in the production.

3. Michael Phelps

Is it card sharp or card shark? Well, in the case of the 23 times Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps it would have to be a card shark. The super successful swimmer, who hails from Baltimore in Maryland, started his competitive career in the pool at the age of 11. Around this time he also started playing poker and it’s said he hoped to become a professional player someday. During his college years at the University of Michigan, Phelps and his pal Jeff Gross (now a poker pro) competed in professional tournaments in Vegas. Nowadays, when he’s not polishing his medals, Phelps likes to play poker as a form of recreation, donating any winnings to the Michael Phelps Foundation, his charitable organization.

4. Michael Jordan

The basketball virtuoso is almost as famous for his gambling exploits as his phenomenal success as an NBA player. Indeed, this sporting superstar just can’t resist the buzz of a wager and it’s safe to say that MJ would bet on the proverbial two drops of rain trickling down a windowpane. He loves to play card games like poker and spades right through the night for enormous stakes and is even reported to regularly bet on the outcome of the game rock-paper-scissors. He has appeared in many biographical books where his betting buddies recounted many of his notorious wagering exploits including wagering $300,000 on a single golf putt.

5. Jennifer Tilly

Born in Canada, Jennifer Tilly has played roles in movies such as The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), Liar, Liar (1997), and Cult of Chucky (2017). During this time period, Tilly also played professional poker and in 2005 took the coveted WSOP bracelet in the Ladies’ Texas Hold’em event. Known as The Unabombshell and J Tilla the Killa, Tilly is a familiar presence on poker television and so far has netted over $1 million at the tables. In 2014 she was nominated for the Spirit of Poker Living Legend Award. Not bad innings for the Bride of Chucky.

6. 50 Cent

In between rapping and rhyming, Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent likes nothing better than to throw a few bets on sports events. But not for 50 cents, or even 50 dollars for that matter. Jackson prefers to place hundreds of thousands of dollars on pro sports such as football and boxing. In 2012 he placed a bet on the New York Giants in the NFL Final and cashed in $500,000. He has frequently bet huge sums on the boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Putting the glove on the other fist, Jackson is reputed to have bet Mayweather $750,000 that he couldn’t read a page of a Harry Potter book without stuttering. 50 Cent is realistic about his gambling and not only talks about it on social media but also raps about the ups and downs of his habit.

7. Ashton Kutcher

When it comes to betting, some gamblers like to bet on a whim whilst others like to study the form. Using maths and stats to predict the outcome of an event may take away the rush for some impulsive gamblers, while those who enjoy using strategy will be in their element. The actor Ashton Kutcher is definitely a strategy guy. In an interview for Esquire magazine, he revealed how he once placed bets for the largest US betting syndicate netting $750,000 in the process. Kutcher, known for his roles of playing airheads in the likes of That 70s Show and Dude Where’s My Car (2000), further proved that he’s no dope when he invested in a major American eSports and video games company in 2015.

The wonderful thing about being a successful celebrity is you not only earn millions from your profession but you also can top up your wallet with lucrative sponsorship deals and public appearances. If you are worth millions or even billions of dollars you can well afford to gamble big stakes. However, celebrities who gamble compulsively still run the risk of losing everything – from their cash to their home to their family. Talented celebs who admitted to financial strain as a result of gambling include singer Gladys Knight, who lost thousand every night feeding her baccarat habit, and basketball legend Charles Barkley who lost over $30 million playing high-stake casino games.

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