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Top 5 things coming in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 one of the most anticipated games has some newest features, the fans are all pumped-up to be tossed away into the future warfare they have long awaited since Battlefield V in 2018.Top 5 things coming in Battlefield The developers have spoken about some amazing features introduced in Battlefield 2042.

The newest features we get to see now in Battlefield 2042,Top 5 things coming in Battlefield for example, Specialists, one of the main features to get us all excited enough. There are more big things in the Battlefield 2042 we learned at E3 2021, and it seems to be one of the best games of the Battlefield series. 

Here we have discussed some of the exciting features in Battlefield 2042 open beta.Top 5 things coming in Battlefield 

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Mega feature- 128 player battles

The biggest change we see in Battlefield 2042 is that it supports 128 player lobbies playing in massive maps built with next-gen hardware. In main warfare matches called “all out warfare”,128 players can play on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC but on PS4 and other older consoles it  still features upto 64 players. This is a huge upgrade from 64 player to 128 player lobbies, making it hard for the players to encounter in these matches.

Then there is another multiplayer squad-based mode known as “hard zone”, which is not a battle royale, hence, Battlefield 2042 has forgone the traditional single player mode.

Battlefield 2042 Massive maps gameplay

The map in battlefield 2042 offers fans a whole new gameplay experience, with unparalleled choices and features in its gameplay. With a sheer number of 128 player lobbies supported with the massive maps that we have seen in any of the Battlefield series ever before.

Battlefield 2042 is packed with stunning and astronomically large maps set up in different regions. The players will gradually explore these maps depending on the choice of their game mode. 

Some of the regions or parts will be locked and can be accessible as the players make their progress in the game. The players will be playing in an ever-changing environment and graphics, which means this can be quite a challenge for them.

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The maps in Battlefield 2042 are:

  • Breakaway- the largest map in 2042 set in Antartic mountainside, where players will have to battle for oil.
  • Discarded- the most unique maps in Battlefield 2042, is set in India. In the landscape we can see abandoned ships on the dried up sea-bed. These stranded ships can be used as a cover during fights. 
  • Hourglass-it is set in Qatar, depicts the city being lost due to desertification. The players have to fight in the dust storm, this will make it difficult to spot the enemies from a distance.
  • Kaleidoscope- is set up in South Korea, where players have to gain control of some kind of quantum powered hub.
  • Manifest-it is set in a Singapore container yard. The players will be fighting during the night relying on moonlight and torch lights.
  • Orbital-located in French Guiana. The players have to fight amidst a rocket launch to prevent a disaster.
  • Renewal- It is set in deserts of Egypt. Renewal features a gigantic wall between the desert and the agricultural areas. So, players will be fighting on each side of the 

The environmental effects are superb 

Battlefield 2042 gives you a whole new experience of playing in different environment under intense weather. The visibility is immediately hindered as a storm strolls in making it difficult to target your shots. Playing at night under moonlight is simply an awesome experience that you had not seen before.

Swapping attachments is a game changer

Players are allowed to choose from a series of weapons whenever they want. To succeed in the game , the players need to utilize different weapons, gadgets and also not to forget also variety of vehicles.

There appears a smart interface called the Plus menu, that let the player change their weapons. This feature has made the game fast-paced as it speed ups the battles 

The grappling gun is awesome

The grapple gun in Battlefield 2042 is one of the amazing features we get to see that allows the player to have advantage of gaining height over other players. You can reach impossible positions escaping from hordes of enemies and even death.

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