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Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Owned By Celebrities

Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Owned By Celebrities

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a major feature in cryptocurrency in 2018. Typically in the form of simple images or artwork, Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Owned By the NFT market is stored on a blockchain which underpins crypto, allowing the owners to publicly prove their identity. NFTs have practical uses and are becoming incredibly popular with celebrities they have become very famous, Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs Owned By and many of the most prominent names in the world have NFTs in them. What stars are making the best waves in NFT space?

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Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg, also known for his acting and streaming, has gotten into the NFT craze and is now one of the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios. His CryptoPunk NFT portfolio is worth a whopping $14.7 million. Snoop Dogg is also making other NFT space investments such as NFT restaurants and even plans to bring “virtual cannabis” to the Metaverse. With all this to his name, he is definitely one of the biggest celebrity NFT owners.

Alexis Ohanian

According to Investing, Alexis Ohanian is a businessman and a Reddit co-founder. He has six Cryptopunks, two BAYCs, and ten Meebits in his collection. Cryptopunk #8115 is the most valued NFT in the portfolio. He contributed 7 NFTs to the Cool Cats project. On the Ethereum blockchain, Cool Cats is a collection of NFTs that were generated randomly. Owners have the flexibility to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license. He has made a total of 3.7 million dollars in NFTs.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, the famous DJ and producer, has an NFT portfolio worth $3.4 million. he even has his own NFT collections. BAYC #118 and Cryptopunk #8705 are the most valuable items in Steve Aoki’s collection. In total, he has 794 NFTs. He also has three M1 Mutant Serum NFTs, Cool Cat #3350, a Swaggy Sea Lion from Gary Vee’s Veefriends collection, and a Swaggy Sea Lion. He is so big on the NFT space that he is collaborating with Snoop Dogg, and together they are airdropping tracks from their EP to their respective NFT holders


Another big DJ in the NFT community, got into NFTs late last year, but he already has an impressive portfolio, the entire collection worth about $780 000 on the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The masked DJ also has plans to drop his own NFT collections. Pastel claims to have made investments in the Veefriends, BAYC, and Cryptopunks collections. About 120 NFTs are in his portfolio, including 11 NFTs from Gremplin’s Cryptoadz collection. The three most expensive NFTs in his collection are Cryptopunk #8274, BAYC #4808, and BAYC #9231.


Beeple, is a digital artist, graphic designer, and animator known for selling NFTs. Beeple has NFTs valued at $733,000 in total. One of today’s most valuable producers of crypto art is the artist. When he sold the Everydays: The First 5000 Days collection for $69 million at a Christie’s auction in 2021, he made headlines. He contributed to the NFT ecosystem by investing more than $400 million in numerous artists on the Rarible platform, even though his NFT portfolio contains works that are not his own.

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