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Top 5 Health Specialists Every Family Needs

When you have a family to take care of, you also have to make sure to look up certain specialists for different aspects of their health. A family usually consists of people in different age groups and with different health requirements. At many points in life, you’ll find yourself in need of a certain health specialist. 

Some physician specialists are more common than others. Therefore, it’s wise to narrow down the ones your family really needs. Below are the top five that definitely should be on the list:

  • Pediatrician

Many families have young children who need the specialized care of an experienced pediatrician. These specialists take care of the general check-ups, vaccinations, and many common health complaints such as the stomach flu, common colds, coughs, etc. 

For young patients with very serious illnesses, a pediatrician may provide a recommendation for a pediatric subspecialist. The latter treats children with muscles or bone problems. 

  • An ENT Specialist

An ear, nose, and throat doctor is qualified to treat those with chronic conditions related to the areas mentioned in their job title. The elders in your family might have experienced some ringing or other noises in their ears, or a child might be showing signs of hearing impairment. Whatever the case, you need an ENT specialist to look into the matter closely. 

ENT specialists are also qualified to treat ear infections. Besides, they perform surgery on the sinuses, order hearing aids, and much more. Make sure to consult your general physician and get a reference to an experienced ENT doctor as soon as possible. Online forums and social circles can also help you find the top ENT specialist in Waterbury or wherever you’re located. 

  • Obstetrician/Gynecologist 

An OB/GYN, or a gynecologist, is a specialist in the health of women. They specialize in reproductive health, hormonal issues, menopause, and other issues. A woman who is having irregular menstruation cycles or difficulty conceiving will want to visit a gynecologist at some point. Likewise, a pregnant woman will need regular check-ups and advice. A baby’s delivery is also overseen by a gynecologist. So, this is one specialist that’s pretty important for most family members. 

  • Dermatologist

The chances of developing skin cancer are high these days, with global warming and climate changes exposing our body to harmful UV rays. With a dermatologist on hand, you can be sure to get specialized treatment for disorders or problematic conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. Their areas of expertise also include the membranes around the eyelids, nose, and mouth. 

What’s more, an experienced dermatologist will be able to perform full-body scans, check for warning signs that indicate any risk for skin cancer, and take steps to remove any suspected cancers. They can also perform surgery required to conceal scars. 

Many teenagers and adults suffer from conditions like acne, hirsutism, and other issues. An experienced dermatologist will help to put their mind at ease. Those with skin cancer in their family history also need to have easy access to a dermatologist. 

  • Neurologist

Neurologists deal with any disorder or issue related to our nervous system. This includes the ears, eyes, brain, spinal cord, nerves, nose, and skin. Since the nervous system is responsible for most of the body’s functions, it makes sense to have a qualified neurologist on hand in case a problem arises. 

If someone in your family has had a stroke, they might have to regularly visit a neurologist. Other relevant issues in which a neurologist can help include body pain, seizures, migraines, Parkinson’s disease, and so on. 

The Takeaway

A family usually has to deal with several medical encounters and even emergencies over a period of time. This is why you should have information about many kinds of medical professionals and specialists on hand at all times. Make sure that you have the updated contact numbers of the places where these specialists have their practice. You may also want to look around a bit before deciding on a specialist, as not all of them might be the right fit for your family. 

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