Top 5 Benefits of Glycol Chiller for Home Brewing

Home-brewed beer differs favourably from cheap store analogues. The homemade drink does not contain anything extra, the beer has a richer taste,Top 5 Benefits of Glycol Chiller thick foam and lack of preservatives.

If you already have experience in brewing, the best option for you will be a set of equipment in a small production line,Top 5 Benefits of Glycol Chiller which usually includes different equipment for maintenance operations in the brewery. But the heart of your mini-factory is a chiller. This important component of the system in the operation of a process that provides the required temperature ensures compliance with the technology of the beer production process, removes the heat released during fermentation.

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There are some important aspects of using a homebrew glycol chiller.

1) Temperature control.

The brewery’s chillers operate in the range of lower operating temperatures of the coolant, and the specifics of the technology require more accurate temperature control. The low temperature of the coolant should be taken into account when choosing the cooling capacity of the chiller but, the stability of the temperature regime depends not only on the chiller.

2) Year-round continuous operation by the brewery.

The brewery chiller must be designed for year-round operation, which must be confirmed by a guarantee of at least two years without restrictions on the seasonality of work. The efficiency of the chiller cooling system must be ensured, including at low temperatures in the cold season.

3) Modulation of chiller power in beer production.

A chiller with one compressor, without the possibility of power modulation, may be inefficient in beer production, as such a unit will be constantly on and off at insufficient load. That will lead to some reduction in the service life of the compressor. Chiller power modulation through the use of multiple compressors or a compressor with smooth modulation of performance allows achieving more efficient operation.

4) Reliability, adaptability to different operating conditions and cost-effectiveness of electricity consumption.

The introduction of electronic expansion valves has helped increase operational efficiency and also significantly reduced electricity consumption, thereby minimizing operating costs, which also affects the cost of production.

5) Ease of installation. A minimum area is required to install the equipment.

Cooling and activation system installation does not require construction influences or a specialized team of professionals in cooling systems. The entire cooling system has the character of a conventional electrical device. That is an advantage, especially when the client needs to finance the micro brushing plant through a lease or loan.

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