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Top 4 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

In the era of 2021, where brands are taking help from a digital marketing agency to implement digital marketing strategies, traditional marketing still holds a considerable position for B2B assets. And adapting to digital technology has also led some brands to completely discard the usage of traditional tools of marketing. It can be partly comprehended because some brands don’t have the budget to invest in omnichannel. However, for those who can, integration of traditional and digital marketing will be completely beneficial for better sales. Here’s how:

  • Cold Calling + Intent Data

With the proper blend of intent data and cold calls, a company can derive an optimum number of sales.  Even the cold calls of today can convert into warm calls of tomorrow. Intent data will help in targeting and segregation by making the marketers only reach better-qualified prospects while leaving contacts that are of no usage. Therefore, it signals the types of prospects that have better potential to convert.

Before making calls, marketers can take advantage of the intent data to find:

  • The temporary consumers are on the verge of looking out for solutions.
  • Additional solutions that they are finding.
  • How can the brand fulfill the prospect’s specific needs?


  • Print Media + Deep Media Nurturing

Marketers with their years of experience have got the understanding that nurturing the buyer is important from the initial stage of the sales funnel. And therefore, with the uprising of deep media nurturing, brands are focusing more on integrated, omnichannel strategy. Therefore, more marketers these days are now going out of the bounds to utilize other mediums apart from the digital sphere.

So, utilizing the print media makes sense, as the involvement of several other mediums increases exposure. Therefore, the conversion rate will also significantly increase. Print media has its own set of advantages like less intrusive, which helps readers to concentrate more and, therefore, a longer shelf life. Print media also offer better flexibility in place of advertisements. 

In-display advertising, the complete control of the placement of advertisement is dependent on the digital bidding on advertising exchanges. But here, the marketers get the primary advantage. For businesses targeting other businesses, it will be easier to target them with customized and relevant messages through specific industry editions. 

  • Events + ABM

Account-Based Marketing is now explosively used by marketers to target and engage people that want to convert. Now taking advantage of ABM and the closeness of live event marketing, marketers can better reach and pierce into the consumer’s brain.

Because of this, marketers can streamline the best of the best consumers that are likely to have conversions. For that, they track the online activities of the targets and recognize ways to trigger the event outreach.

Having access to real-time insights and online activities is available to the marketers through the advantage of ABM technology. This ABM also helps marketers exclude low-yielding industry events.

In-person communication through events encourages two-way value exchange between a marketer and the target accounts. This helps in utilizing the most of ABM as it helps in making a true relationship with the prospect. By creating a need for the prospect’s needs and buying habits.

  • Traditional Content Platforms + Geotargeting

A good strategy can be determined by finding the right audience at the right time and in the right place. And this is where the marketers must utilize geotargeting with the traditional content platforms like banners or billboards. This helps in driving more brand awareness, reinforce brand messaging, and engage new audiences.  

To take full advantage of traditional platforms, marketers can make use of geotargeting. With which they can pinpoint a website’s most visitors and spread content based on that location. Geotargeting helps in giving a better understanding of the buyer’s persona or journey maps. This lets marketers and advertisers to advertisers more on those certain areas that hold their customer base. Placing messages through advertisements strategically helps in better reach while reducing the cost spent on advertisements. This creates brand equity in areas where it matters the most. Most ideal spots for advertisements are bus stops, stadiums, movie theaters, shopping malls; these are areas where the content has better opportunities to get spotted. 


Therefore, having a great return on investment not only involves digital media, but traditional mediums still hold a considerable position. Now, it is totally up to you how you can utilize it.

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