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Top 4 Reasons to Start Using Rollstock Packaging Machine as Your Preferred Packaging Solution

There are lots of theories when it comes to marketing but the most relevant detail of any successful marketing campaign is product recognition. Top 4 Reasons to Start Using Rollstock At the end of the day, you want consumers to be able to spot your product amidst a sea of others. What they see should pique their interest and will hopefully lead to a sale.

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Rollstock is a roll of laminated film that is an incredible product for supporting packaging needs. It is a flexible packaging solution that is often used in tandem with form, Top 4 Reasons to Start Using Rollstock fill and seal (FFS) machines to package products. Rollstock can be used with vertical and horizontal FFS applications and can make flat bags, side gusseted pouches, standup pouches and loads of other packaging options. There are many reasons to start using rollstock as your preferred packaging solution.

1. Lowering the Cost of Productions

Rollstock packaging machinery can lower the bottom line of production costs. One of its most salient features is that its process involves creating a container that simply rolls down the assembly line, where it is filled and sealed quicker and with less waste than other packaging solutions.

Experts posit that because the FFS machinery creates the packaging in line, packaging costs can be reduced by up to 25%. With cost-effective material making its way through an automated packaging process, in which the type of package is created and prepared for filling, the process is quicker and produces less waste.

2. Laborless Operation

With rollstock production in play, even the creation of a printed stand up pouch is a fully automated process. This means that you don’t have to hire people to handle or manage the goods between the different steps of the process. With rollstock-based operations, the assembly line becomes one seamless collection of steps that require no hands-on care.

3. High Strength and Longer Shelf Life

Inferior packaging could result in a short shelf life for a product. On the other hand, rollstock ensures a longer shelf life because of its high-strength packaging. When products protected by rollstock packaging hit the shelves, they enjoy the preventative technologies therein, keeping out vapor, dust, UV light, oxygen and moisture.

A product encased in this kind of superior packaging will simply last longer on the shelves, which means that its expiration date can be pushed back. Less product will necessarily have to be replaced or discarded due to expiration date issues.

4. Less Environmental Impact

Not only does rollstock packaging machinery use ligher material than other packaging types, but it also requires less energy to produce it. Because it is so efficient, the rollstock manufacturing process releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Even with such environmentally-friendly improvements, rollstock-created mylar bags custom still offer consumers packaging replete with strength and durability.

How important is product packaging? It can positively affect the production process and provide consumers with the freshest products wrapped in a stylish, protective package. Check out a packaging supplies website to learn more about why the versatile rollstock packaging machine is turning the industry on its head, benefiting producers and consumers alike.

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