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Top 3 Team-building Activities Your Team Members Will Love

“Team building” is an activity you may have first encountered years ago. Maybe when you were in elementary school and your class had to work on a project together or a puzzle to solve. Or maybe at camp when your group was asked to participate in a scavenger hunt. Top 3 Team-building Activities Your 

Why such activities are important in any workplace? For Team

People can be brought closer together through team-building exercises, Top 3 Team-building Activities Your and teams can work more efficiently while identifying gaps and strengths in each member.

The benefits of team-building activities extend well beyond providing a fun and creative alternative to happy hour (which might leave those who don’t drink out).

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These activities also foster camaraderie and trust, two factors necessary for a successful team.

Lastly, team-building activities can reinforce the notion that work is never just about individuals. It is always about the group as a whole. By encouraging teamwork rather than individual efforts, it emphasizes the importance of the group’s success (and ultimately that of the company).

  1. Solve Puzzle Together

Solve Puzzle Together

You as a team leader can present a 500-piece puzzle, or perhaps a puzzle that your team members have to think about and brainstorm. Make sure you assign a task to your team and set a due time for them. Everyone’s contribution to the project is the key.

Once they’re done or time runs out, take a moment to reflect on the experience. Allowing everyone to think through their process might highlight unique perspectives or strengths in each individual—or at least lead to an eye-opening conversation.

  1. Play in Escape Rooms

You can engage your staff by having them participate in escape rooms. Corporate team building is easy to organize with Zoom. Online entertainment is becoming popular.

Escape rooms – both physical and virtual – are in demand.

People come together either in person in the game rooms or virtually over Zoom and solve puzzles together. So if you really want to increase the bonding in between your employee, book now an escape room and have fun with them.

The HR in my workplace organised an escape room team-building when our whole team went for a conference in Perth last year. It was one of a kind team building Perth activity.

  1. Play a Blind-fold Game

Blind-fold Game

Partner up and blindfold one of the team members. Then have the other team member guide the blindfolded team member to make the best use of their abilities, whether it’s getting them to the other side of the office or moving objects, or drawing pictures. 

This exercise will help your team members to build better communication and trust between each other and help those who normally don’t work as closely together.

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