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To check build a house by yourself

Before deciding to build a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน , ask yourself, is it necessary to build a house now? Is the financial position ready? Knowing yourself is “knowing us”.

You must not deceive yourself of your true needs. If you build a house that is too big, it will create an overload. If you can’t borrow money, it’s even more damaged. Had to save money but didn’t get the house Here’s how to check yourself:

When should you build a house?

Before deciding to build a house, we need to have “save money + loan” more than the cost of building a house. If the amount of money is less, do not build a house at all.

because if starting to build a house It turned out that the money was not enough. We may lose money but not get a home. During the recession, houses were built only when necessary. Because during that time, we may lose work or lack of income at any time.

during the economic upturn The decision to build a house may be easier, but it should not be underestimated. Whatever the reason for building a house, you need to think carefully. find a lot of information will not regret later Before building a house, recite this sentence carefully. “Build a house only when necessary.”

Find the need

Thai people always want a bigger house than their needs. Because the word “just in case”, for example, the family has only 3 people, father, mother and child, but will build a 3-bedroom house because thinking that if someone comes to visit, there will be a bed. But for a hundred days and a thousand years, no one sleeps once. Even if there are real guests, we have a solution, such as putting on a mat, using an extra bed.To check build a house by yourself without having to have a bedroom just in case

Many people build houses or build houses for hundreds of thousands of millions of baht. to use for storage, the price is only a thousand to ten thousand baht, because in case they may be reused But until he survived, he never used it again.

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The concept of “just in case” is not wrong if we have money. but our real life Often don’t have enough money, so the phrase “Bird builds a nest, but enough” is still applicable.

Before deciding on the size of the house to build, cut out the word “just in case” as much as possible. will be able to use the money worth and meet the most needs

For those who don’t know how to turn their needs into a home space. Let’s start by defining the necessary rooms, for example a house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a car park. Then use this information. Converted to an area equal to about 90 – 120 square meters, but if adding 3 bedrooms, the house may increase the area to 120 – 150 square meters, the figure may increase or decrease by 20% – 50%.

How much money you earn

When the desired size of the house is obtained The next story is Estimate the purchasing power that comes from 2 parts, the first part is savings or current money and the second part is loan or future money. that use future income by having to pay back the loan + interest

The first part of the information is from the numbers in the passbook. The second part of the information must be discussed with a financial institution. Some financial institutions offer home equity loans up to 90% of the appraised value.

The first money or “savings” that many people may have heard of many bank advertisements that they can be “100% loan” mislead most people that. You don’t have to have savings, you can borrow money to buy – build a house. It’s a misunderstanding because you can borrow money to buy – build a house in full Borrowers must also have savings to pay. Reservation money/contract money/money for purchase of electrical equipment/household items/furniture/interior work etc.

Therefore, there should be a savings of at least 18% – 25% of the house price, more or less depending on whether you set aside money to buy.To check build a house by yourself How much does electrical equipment, home appliances, furniture/interior cost?

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For part 2, many people may ask, “Haven’t built a house yet, have to talk about borrowing money yet? W The answer is “yes” because more than 90% of the money spent on building a house comes from a loan, so it’s important for us to build a house or not.To check build a house by yourself Regrettably, many people fail to build houses. because found that the loan did not pass or the loan was not enough for the price of the house to be built

Lastly, the repayment of the loan is a risky money because in the future we may lose income and get fired. make no money to pay the loan Recommended ways to reduce the risk “Life insurance to protect home loans” that will be presented in details.

Budget for building a house

Based on the above information, the construction cost of a house can be estimated from the formula

Budget for building a house = savings + maximum loan amount – expenses

The cost includes

Land purchase cost in case there is no land

Securities appraisal fee

Commission fee if buying land through a broker

Transfer Fee

Stamp duty

Mortgage Fee

moving costs

Interior decoration / furniture purchase / electrical appliances

Fire insurance premiums

Theft insurance premiums

Home loan protection life insurance premiums

Other expenses such as document verification fee / requesting evidence from the Land Office – Ministry of Commerce / photocopying fee

Conclusion: The house should be built on a budget that does not create a burden. within an acceptable budget If building a house on a budget that is lower than the ability to pay installments is a good choice. because it reduces future risks

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