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Tips for Troubleshooting and Repairing Your Montgomery OH AC Unit

Air conditioners are just like every other appliance so they need some occasional checkup and care to ensure they remain in pristine conditions. When you fail to occasionally take care of your AC unit, you may have a bit of an issue in the long run especially during hot weather conditions. 

Losing your cool is not something we would like you to experience. Therefore, we have computed some of the common issues that affect air conditioning units and how you can troubleshoot them to avoid troubles in the long run. Let us begin. 

1. Dirty Filter 

Regardless of the type of AC unit you have, when the filter gets dirty and clogged, there will be a restriction in airflow. Ultimately, this will reduce the unit’s efficiency and ability to cool the environment. 

So, you need to occasionally check the filters. If you already notice some ineffectiveness in the unit’s ability to cool the room then this may be the problem. If you use central air conditioning systems, then check your manufacturer’s guide for when the filter has to be replaced. 

If you keep pets or you constantly have your central air conditioning systems on, then you need to know that you will have to replace your filters even more often. 

2. Warm Air is Leaking In 

Another reason your AC unit may be ineffective is if warm air is leaking in through the seals. When this happens, the cool air meant to cool the environment will also seep out of the seals. 

To troubleshoot this problem, you will need to check and reseal the areas around the unit. You can easily do this yourself with some weather stripping. 

3. The Compressor is Crowded 

To ensure air flows properly inside the house, the compressor outdoor also requires adequate airflow. If you have structures or plants blocking the compressor, then your AC unit may not work effectively. To troubleshoot this problem, you have to ensure that there is at least two to three feet of space between the compressor and any structure or plant you have close to it. 

Also, ensure there’s at least five feet of space between the unit’s top and any tree above it. 

4. The Thermostat’s Setting is Wrong 

Some AC units come with a programmable or smart thermostat that allows the unit to automatically control the home’s temperature. This way, the unit can make the air comfortable when someone is in the home and then make the air warmer when no one is in. 

In this case, if the thermostat is directly exposed to sunlight, the thermostat may register an inaccurate temperature. 

5. The Registers are Blocked or Dirty 

For forced-air cooling and heating system, the registers have to be occasionally vacuumed to avoid the buildup of dust. You also need to ensure that the registers are not blocked by any objects that will restrict airflow. 

6. The AC Was Not Properly Installed 

Sounds like the whir of a fan, or other humming noises are normal sounds that emit from an AC unit. However, some sounds are rather abnormal, take for instance if the unit is making vibrating sounds. When this happens, it means that the unit was not properly installed. In which case, simply ensuring the unit is properly installed should fix the problem. 

7. Outside is Too Sunny 

If the unit is placed too close to the window where it is exposed to direct sunlight, then it will be forced to work twice as hard during hot weather. A good solution to this would be to move the AC to a spot with more shade. However, if this is not obtainable then you will have to keep the curtains and shades drawn to block the sun out. 

8. Call a Technician 

If after trying all of the above the problem persists, it may be time to call a technician. Furthermore, you do not need to wait for your AC to develop a serious problem before you have a technician check it. You can visit  to learn more about repairing and troubleshooting air conditioners. Annual checkups will help you to detect problems from the onset before they become too big an issue. 


The tips which have been discussed in this article will aid you to fix some common problems you may encounter with your AC unit. 

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