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Things to Know about SB Shoes Before Making a Purchase

Nike Skateboarding (SB) is a skateboarding range of Nike products that includes apparel, accessories, and shoes specifically designed for skateboarding needs. It was first launched to the public in 2002, wherein the first model was the Nike SB Dunk Low model. This model had a padded tongue and collar and Zoom Air insoles. 

Since then, nike sb shoes continued to develop. Now, Nike is very popular all over the world. Most men and women choose to invest in Nike’s products despite being expensive because they know that the quality is superb. Nike Skateboarding shoes have now improved features like Zoom Air units, vulcanised gum outsoles, extended rubber toe bumpers, and plush foam sock liners. They are specifically designed for skateboarding for a reason. They are very durable and ensure that the people wearing them optimise their skateboarding performance, or maybe in fashion. Nike shoes are also very attractive, which are perfect to wear with almost every outfit.

Features to consider in SB shoes

  • Heel Protection

The Zoom Air Bag feature within nike sb shoes provide comfort and protection to the heels. Bruising the heel is common, especially when the shoes have been worn for a long time. It is important to invest in SB shoes with adequate heel protection to avoid any heel pain or injury.

  • Toe Caps

Toe caps are rubber strips that protect the front areas of the shoes. Shoes tend to open on the upper area after numerous uses. But toe caps can help in preventing this problem from happening sooner. They can help improve the life span of the shoes. However, this feature does not always exist in all SB shoes. It is often an optional feature. Whether there is a toe cap or none, what’s important is the strength and durability of the skateboarding shoes even after a long time of usage.

  • Shoe Tongue

It is important to select the right pair of SB shoes with a sturdy tongue. Isn’t it frustrating when the shoe tongue keeps on sliding? The ceaseless fixing of the tongue every time a person walks is very annoying. With Nike SB shoes, tongues are guaranteed to be secured and will stay in place. There’s no need to constantly check on the shoes and fix those tongues.

  • Foxing Tape

The foxing tape is the rubber strip of the shoes located where the upper part and sole meet. It is necessary to ensure that this foxing tape stays in place strongly to avoid damage. Some manufacturers add another layer to make the tape even stronger. Investing in a pair of SB shoes with durable features like foxing tape will ensure that the rest of the shoe also stays durable.

  • Outsole

The outsole is the outermost part of the shoes. It is an important feature of SB shoes because a low-quality outsole would most likely get damaged easily. It is also important to test it for friction and grip because slippery soles can cause injuries and accidents when skateboarding.


Nike is a very famous brand that everyone loves because of its versatile and durable products. It has a wide range of sports products, including bags, clothes, and shoes. One of their popular ranges is the SB shoes. It is mainly used for skateboarding. When choosing the right SB shoes, it is vital to check for their features and see if they are worth investing in. The shoes must have high-quality heel protection, toe cap, shoe tongue, fox tape, and outsole.

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