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Things to know about Houston business journal

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The Houston Business Journal is the best and leading provider of local business news for the greater Houston area. Every issue is packed with breaking news, people on the move, top 25 lists, and much more. Signup to get our complimentary, and comprehensive email products.

This is the best and leading publishing company, with more than 50 employees. The headquarter is in Houston, TX. It is a public company that was invented in 1971. The specialities of Houston Business Journal are Business news, Business events, Business networking, Energy news, Celebrate Enterprise, and Email newsletters.

In this article, we are going to answer some most asked questions about the Houston Business Journal.

Which is the best and fastest browser we can use to access their website?

Their website is formatted to work on every kind of browser on laptops or smartphones. However, the most recommended browser for accessing their website is Google Chrome and Firefox. For an optimal site experience, best encryption, all the support for privacy, we will recommend the current and previous major releases of the following desktop browsers.

  • Google Chrome (Present and Previous version)
  • Firefox (Present and Previous version)
  • Safari (Present and previous versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (current and previous version)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 11): Please note that after July 15 of 2020, we no longer support internet explorer because the site experience may be suboptimal. We will recommend any of the browsers mentioned above.

For a better site experience on your smartphones, we will recommend the following browsers:

  • Safari (iOS Default)
  • Chrome (Default on android and iOS)
  • Firefox (Available on google play stores and apple stores)
  • Microsoft Edge (Available on google play stores and apple stores)

If you are using the latest version of your browser, but still facing some issues, the following solution may be helpful for you.

  • Determine if your internet browser is current or needs upgrading. 
  • Try using a different browser (in its latest version) as a temporary workaround.

How can a purchase a reprint of the story?

Yes, you can do this by calling on the helpline of Houston Business Journal and ask for a professional reprint. Their helpline is 877.397.5134.

Will I get a receipt of the product I recently purchased?

Yes, you will. But for some reasons, if you do not get the receipt, you can drop an email to the customer care service station at

Do they accept press releases, news tips, and story ideas?

Yes, Houston Business Journal will accept press releases, news tips, and story ideas. If the news is about your company or a story tip, they will hear it. You can send it to us by email, mail or by telephoning us. Or you can just fill out the form. If you are not certain of the person to contact, send it in the care of the Editor. Please remember to include the name of a contact person and a business phone number.

How can I share the awards, news, and announcement of my company?

Yes, you can do it too. You have to submit the news, announcements, and awards of your company to the Houston Business Journal, and you will receive an online profile with logo branding, distribution in the email newsletter and on the homepage. Moreover, you can get guaranteed placement in the print publication within 30 days. 

Do they accept submission for the people on the move?

Yes, Houston Business journal does accept submission for the people on the move. To submit the recent news on the employees who have joined your company, received a special award or recognition or received a promotion, you can to fill a form

Should I create a free account with Houston Business Journal?

Yes, you should! A free account will give you access to all the breaking news as it develops business tips and advice from the experts, career changes for local business leaders and so many more indispensable business tools.

When I create a free account with The Business Journals, will my email address be sold/rented/shared with third parties?

Although we reference this in our Privacy Policy, we have never sold/rented/shared our registered user data with any third parties, and do not plan on doing so in the future.

How to reset my password if I have forgotten it?

Yes, you can rest your password on the login page of Houston Business Journal. To ensure your privacy, we do not keep passwords on file. If you have created your free account, but have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot Your Password” link. If you are having issues logging into The Business Journals, please email Customer Service at

What is the difference in the service between free subscription and paid subscription?

The free subscription will provide you with access to news that is posted throughout the weekday and daily breaking news related to the businesses and local market intelligence delivered in twice-daily emails. This information can be accessed at the official website of Houston Business journal or on their app. 

While a paid subscription will provide all the subscribers with premium content and total access to all online content filled with “Must Read” stories, the latest news on the industry, and the insights of the reporters. Moreover, paid subscribers will be able to access exclusive interviews with different businessmen and expanded lists that are filled with local data and contacts. Paid subscribers will also receive a print or digital copy of our book of lists, print and digital edition of our weekly newspaper, lists, leads, people on the move CSV download and our special publication. Paid subscribers will also get the achievement that is worthy of 3 years of work.

What if I can’t locate the account number of my subscription?

If you are a paid print subscriber, you can find your account number on a recent mailing label from your business journal or on your account status email received shortly after subscribing. If you are unable to locate these, please contact Customer Service via email at

If I have more than one subscription, do I have to link each one separately?

No. You only need to link one of your subscriptions and you will be granted access to all of the publications to which you subscribe.

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