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The Unexpected Things About Living in an RV Full Time

Nearly 90 million families in North America have made camping part of their normal routines according to recent reports. Camping is a great way to relax and get away from the chaos of everyday life. Sometimes, The Unexpected Things About Living in an RV it even gives people a greater appreciation for civilization. Of course, a growing number of people are taking the concept of camping to entirely new levels by living in their RVs full time. While full-time RV living can be an amazing experience, it also brings about a few unexpected situations. The Unexpected Things About Living in an RV

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Different Insurance Coverage Requirements

It’s no secret that campers are required to maintain insurance coverage on their RVs as well as any vehicles they use to tow them. Did you know that insuring your RV changes when using it as a permanent residence? Full-time RV insurance offers more coverage than standard policies. It works a bit more like homeowner’s insurance than basic vehicle coverage. That can help mitigate the costs of accidents, injuries, damages, and other issues that could arise while traveling and remaining stationary.

Price Variations

Many people are also surprised at the differences in prices they find while traveling. Prices of everything from gas and clothing to groceries and fast food can vary from one city to the next. That makes budgeting a bit difficult for those who choose full-time RV living. That being said, finding lower prices in some locations and higher prices in others tends to balance the scales to an extent. Those variations still catch people off guard, though. 

Constant Confusion

Another aspect that catches full-time RVers by surprise is the potential confusion that can result from constant traveling. Many people find they’re not quite sure of where they are when they wake up in the mornings. At the same time, they often struggle with finding grocery stores, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and other essentials when they’re on the road. While that can be a problem for virtually everyone at times, it’s an ongoing issue for those who live in their RVs and travel constantly.

Staying Organized

People often start off their RV adventures by carefully organizing all their belongings in their campers. Maintaining that organization is fairly simple during weekend trips or week-long vacations. It becomes a serious struggle over the long term, though. As such, full-time RV life can be fraught with clutter and chaos. Though some people don’t find this to be a problem at all, many feel much the opposite about it. It can certainly interfere with relaxation and bring about unnecessary stress. 

Excessive Camaraderie

Full-time RVers also tend to be surprised by the level of camaraderie that exists in RV parks and campgrounds. In much of the everyday world, people rarely speak to each other. Neighbors don’t get to know each other the way they once did. People often even avoid eye contact with others to ensure there’s no risk of having to stop and chat.

That’s certainly not the case among campers. Even complete strangers are friends. It’s not uncommon to have dinner with temporary neighbors you just met or have children you don’t know watching television in your camper and enjoying your snacks. In short, you never meet a stranger.

Enjoying the Full-Time RV Life

Those are only a few of the surprises people experience after becoming full-time RVers. Many find that the most mundane trips can turn into unexpected adventures. Even some of the hassles of full-time camping can be blessings in disguise. At the same time, you’re never truly alone no matter where you go, and the camping community offers a sense of camaraderie you won’t find anywhere else. 

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