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The Ultimate Storage System For Businesses: Compactus

Looking for a high quality and space effective method to storing important documents? Many businesses require high quality office storage solutions, and despite the movement towards a paperless office, The Ultimate Storage System For Businesses: most businesses still have many printed documents they are required to store on site. Compactus storage may be exactly what you require. Before we dive into the pros and cons of compactus storage units, let’s identify what exactly a compactus storage unit is. The unit is a mobile shelving system, primarily used for commercial and industrial applications but are now being seen more in small business offices. Compactus units are essentially just large wooden, metal, or commercial melamine bookcases on casters or wheels, that roll on premade tracks. The Ultimate Storage System For Businesses: The purpose of the shelves rolling is to allow the user to compact the shelves that are not in use together and access only the relevant bay with the documents they are searching for.

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The best thing about compactus storage is that they are highly configurable and come in a range of sizes. This makes them the perfect choice for businesses who need to store a lot of items. The Compactus storage unit is very easy to operate, as the individual bays move on the preinstalled rollers and tracks. This means you essentially have multiple shelves that wheel about instead of being statically placed on the floor.  This system is also mass storage of paper documents in offices as it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and each bay can be easily wheeled out of the way when not in use. Another great feature about Compactus storage units is that they are simple to have delivered and installed professionally. This is since each unit has an adjustable levelling foot which means you don’t have to worry about perfectly level floors. Compactus units are also very easy to maintain and keep clean, as they have a 10-year warranty.  Overall, Compactus storage units provide an excellent storage solution that is both highly configurable and reliable. Don’t waste precious floor space with traditional storage methods such as filing cabinets, Compactus units have the perfect solution for you.

Do you think a Compactus storage unit is right for you? Be sure to check that the compactus storage unit you are looking for has the following features to ensure you are purchasing a quality unit.

  • Delivery and installation as an option or included in the price
  • Available in a variety of styles and configurations
  • 10 year commercial warranty
  • An easy to level base Moveable shelves
  • A wide variety of sizes

So, to summarise, Compactus units are an excellent storage solution for a variety of items. If you require a reliable and space effective method for storing your documents, then consider a Compactus unit. These units come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them perfect for businesses who need to store a lot of items. Compactus units are also very easy to operate, as the individual bays move on the preinstalled rollers and tracks. Thanks for reading this definitive guide.

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