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The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Kicks

What do Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest and the Vice President of the United States have in common? They all love sneakers!

If you want to take advantage of the footwear that celebrity stylists are embracing, then this article is for you. This short, but complete guide, The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest will show you everything you need to know about the most popular sneakers today.

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What makes these shoes so popular, and why do certain trends reign supreme? Let’s take a peek at the world of Hollywood footwear. The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Read on to learn everything about the best sneaker trend tips!

Jumping Into the Sneaker Trend Moment

Jumping into the latest sneaker trends means finding new ways to express yourself. Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, be prepared to think outside the box! The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest 

As we list the different sneakers that are trending, The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest try to think of fun ways to style them too. Instead of just wearing great footwear, you can have a completely put-together outfit.

What type of kicks should you look out for when it comes to creating a wardrobe? For one, athleisure wear is really hot right now. The Sneaker Trend Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest 

Stocking up on sleek gym apparel before buying your new kicks is always a good idea. Were you hoping to wear your new sneakers to the office? Then you’re in luck!

Over half the nation is back to working in the office. Thankfully, there are a ton of trending sneakers that are appropriate for casual office wear. For instance, an all-white pair of Nikes can pair perfectly with the right slacks and a shirt.

Some of the latest models in the Yeezy line also cater to the leisurewear style. You’ll be able to find shoes that almost resemble sandals, and they feel great too.

Other trends to keep an eye on include luxury sneakers. That’s right; you can buy luxury sneakers. If you’re getting ready to go somewhere fancy, your luxury shoes are sure to get in the door.

Try splurging for a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers or even a pair of Gucci shoes. You’re definitely going to spend a lot, but the look will be worth it.

Now that you know some of the latest sneaker trend outfits let’s go into the different types of sneakers to build your collection!

Neon Sneaker Colors

One of the most exciting changes in the sneakers scene right now is the explosion of color. More and more sneakers are hitting the market with fun neon color schemes.

Some of our favorite color schemes include neon green, hot pink, electric yellow, stark white, and neon blue. All of the top name-brand sneaker companies are creating neon products.

You can find neon sneakers from Nike, Skechers, Reebok, and more. Just go online and check it out!

You can also find generic manufacturers. Shopping online, you’ll be able to find all sorts of neon sneakers in a variety of price ranges.

We suggest avoiding the cheapest shoes since they’re likely to fall apart. Instead, pick a nice middle ground price. After all, you’ll get what you pay for.

One Color or Patterned

Did you want your neon sneakers to be all one color? Having all-green neon shoes can create a stunning look.

However, sometimes a complete color scheme makes more sense with your outfit. You can check out this guide to see what colors work together to make a statement.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, buy two pairs of full-colored neon shoes. Then wear one shoe from each pair. That way, you’ll have two completely different neon colors on each foot!

Hottest Sneaker Materials

When choosing your next pair of sneakers, keep the design material in mind. The material the sneakers are made of will have a big impact on how they look and feel.

Are you going to be using these kicks as trainers, playing basketball, or for chilling? Do you want premium or inexpensive sneaker materials?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you can start looking into the most popular sneaker materials around right now. Some of the most trending materials include leather, synthetics, foams, plastic, and textiles.

Take, for instance, the Air Jordan 5 with the drum died blue suede appeal. Using cow leather, the Air Jordan 5 can perfectly fit your foot. The durable material is both stretchy and flexible.

Since the Air Jordan 5 is available in so many different colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for any outfit. Keep in mind that leather sneakers breathe and conform in a way other shoes can’t. These shoes can also be hot and cause a high risk of water damage.

If you want to keep your Air Jordan safe, make sure you use a waterproof treatment before wearing them. Other popular sneaker materials to look for include textiles.

Textiles come in a variety of weaves, fibers, knits, and colors. Textiles make the perfect sneaker material. They’re lightweight, durable, and stretchy. There are also synthetic materials.

Take, for instance, the Nike Air Foamposite. The Nike Air Foamposite uses synthetic leather and foam backing. Synthetic leather or PU leather is really popular right now with modern sneakers. This type of material comes in all sorts of textures, colors, and prices.

PU Leather Sneakers and Foam

At one time, PU leather was thought to be cheap. However, the times have changed! The human-made material uses two strong layers. The backing layer consists of nonwoven or woven polyester fibers.

When you combine it all together with a dry lamination process, the result is an impressive shoe material. Some of the synthetic sneaker materials even have a fibrous woven backing with PVC skin.

Lastly, another popular material right now is foam for sneakers. There are a lot of different foams that are used to make different types of sneakers.

However, you can generally divide the material up into two types; closed-cell and open-cell foam. You can find a lot of foam materials in the Yeezy shoe line.

Trending Basketball Shoe Choices

What are the best performing basketball shoes right now? Of course, Nike is at the top of the list!

Nike is the dominant brand for a variety of reasons. For one, almost every NBA player will be seeing sporting Nike.

Right now, one of the most popular options is the Nike KD basketball shoe. The Nike KD basketball shoe only uses a little bit of material in the upper.

The moment you buy the shoe, it’ll already have a comfortable broken-in feel, and the upper will still be durable. The air cushioning technology gives you the support you need to make big movements on the court.

The Nike Max Infuriate is also gaining traction. The shoe itself is designed to improve traction!

The Nike Air Max Infuriates has a rubber sole that’s extra thick. Players are able to get exactly the type of grip they need to win the game.

Other popular basketball shoes right now include the Adidas Crazy 8 Red and the Adidas Hardened. Even though these shoes were released a few years ago, there are still big sellers.

The Jordan Melo m10 is also making appearances. The Jordan mellow m10 was released back in 2014, so it’ll be a hard shoe to find on the market. Other brands, such as Under Armor, are still holding their own.

Check out the Under Armor Curry 2.5 to see an incredible basketball shoe. Keep in mind that all high-performance basketball shoes are going to be different in some way.

Each shoe is specially engineered to serve a specific purpose. Make sure the sneaker you’re buying will serve the purposes you need. The shoe’s design and style should also fit your personality.

Time to Go Retro By Sneaker

Embrace the beloved silhouettes and retro designs you used to love. Taking inspiration from the 90s and early 2000s, retro sneakers are all the rave.

Forum styles and Adidas Sambas have two of the most highly sought-after retro styles for 2022. Considering that the forum-style sneaker was featured with Prada and Bad Bunny, the shoes were even hotter than it already was.

What other retro-style sneakers can you embrace? Take a peek at what the New Balance P550 low-top sneakers have to offer. They can be pretty hard to find, but if you can snag a pair, they have the perfect retro appeal.

The Samba classic sneakers from Adidas are also a great score. If you can’t find those two in-demand brands, keep an eye out for Reebok.

Reebok classic club C vintage sneakers look great, and they’re affordable. You can easily find a pair for under $100.

Last but not least, you can look for a generic pair of flow runner paneled suede trainers. Suede trainers can complete any retro style, no matter what.

In addition to embracing the retro trend, you’ll also be taking advantage of the latest running trend. Remember earlier how we said that athleisure wear is making a comeback? Well, so are running shoes!

A new balance new silhouette is gaining a lot of popularity. New Balance seems to be a must-have brand for every sneaker enthusiast.

Running World Hits

What are other sneakers trending in the running world? You have to take a peek at the Balenciaga runner sneakers.

The Balenciaga kicks had a spot on Haley Bieber, which is one of the reasons they’re blowing up! While they’re expensive, coming in at right around $1100, they’re worth it.

There’s also the Salomon speed cross for trail running shoes. These shoes are quickly becoming the hottest sneakers for 2022. We suggest getting the all-black design since it’ll pair perfectly with any outfit.

Asics gel-1090 shoes are also making a big appearance. Using a fun kelly green color scheme, these shoes are rising to the top of the sneaker world.

Bright and vibrant shades are really popular right now. If you want a more neutral look, then you’ll want to take advantage of some of the brown and tan color design options out there.

New and Neutral Kicks

Earlier, we were talking about the bright neon colors that are making a statement in the shoe world. However, not every outfit works with loud color schemes. That’s why balanced neutral footwear is also gaining popularity.

Take, for instance, the Khaite x Adidas; it’s one of their original sneakers. Available in lovely tan colors, the shoe sells for right around $230.

Another shoe in the brown color scheme is the split leather sneakers that Zara has to offer. For these sneakers, you’ll only spend about $70, which makes them an affordable alternative!

Be sure to check out the brown Solomon Edition Path sneakers. Their color schemes are perfect. Blending together different shades of brown, you’ll have neutral footwear that goes with anything.

Of course, New Balance had something to say about the neutral footwear trend. All it takes is one look at the cream-colored New Balance 574 V2 evergreen sneaker, and you’ll see what we mean. These sneakers are versatile and sophisticated.

Last but not least, in the world of neutral footwear, take a peek at what the low-dunk sneakers from Nike have to offer. These are another favorite of Haley Bieber’s, and they go with anything. The Dunk sneakers su right around $310, so they won’t break the bank.

What About Everyday Designs?

A lot of the sneakers in this article have been perfect for the sports star or fashionista feel. But what about everyday outfits? Sports luxury style is easy to achieve, and you can enjoy it every day.

Using the elevated sneaker trend, you’ll be able to be eternally chic. The right sneakers will boost versatility while also expressing yourself. You can wear sneakers with a mini dress, slacks, or even jeans with a t-shirt.

Using sneakers such as slip-on canvas shoes, you’ll have versatile options. Laid-back elegance is just a shoe purchase away!

Other laid-back everyday shoes include the Isabel Morant. The shoe features a casual yet sophisticated suede-trimmed leather design.

There’s also the Reebok Maison Margiela project zero club c. Using high-end memory and a suede-trimmed leather design, Reebok knows how to deliver luxe footwear.

Choosing the Best Types of Sneakers

Are you ready to buy your next pair of sneakers? As long as you follow the sneaker trend advice in this article, it’ll be easy to find a trending pair.

To make a statement, try getting a neon pair of sneakers. All neon green or pink shoes can completely change the way you look. When you change the way you look, you can change the way you feel!

You deserve to feel great about yourself, so don’t delay in building your sneaker collection. If you need some more advice, we’ve got you covered. Read another one of our articles.

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