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The Sleeper navy linen suit and other brand highlights.

The Sleeper navy linen suit: fashion highlight

The Sleeper navy linen suit is a pearl of the brand’s latest spring-summer collection The Sleeper navy linen suit and other of 2022 made to increase your enjoyment of the brightest and the funniest season of the year! Everyone loves to change winter clothing stuff into warm-oriented ones. And it is time to do it just now! We all love and appreciate how this Ukrainian brand has been giving an unrepeatable and fresh women’s style for 8 years with: The Sleeper navy linen suit and other 

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  • Linen dresses
  • Pajamas 
  • Picnic dresses
  • Loungewear sets

And more, including swimwear sets. And now Sleeper continues to do its best. Moving back to the new daily Sleeper women’s dresses and suits, wearing them would be great for any summer activities that we all love. Change our minds if we are wrong, but all of us like picnics, summertime walks, playing badminton, etc. Sleeper’s dresses and suits made of linen, which is a favourite material for many customers, are comfy and do not restrict your movements while doing some activities we have mentioned before. These dresses provide the freedom of the summer delight mixed with the unique style and charm.

Moreover, their quality is also the highest because every single dress is handmade. They are now starting a summer clothing line that will also keep the growth of interest for the brand. Sleeper’s summer collection is dedicated to having fun while wearing comfortable clothes mixed with a unique style. No matter what you want to do during the summertime – a quick workout, a picnic, or maybe a walk – Sleeper will get you looking brilliant and iconic all the time. And even if you are the biggest fan of the brand, Sleeper will amaze you with the new summer clothing we are about to show you.

Sleeper lounge suit for everyday comfiness

The summer is about to start! New women’s summer dresses and lounge suits by Sleeper are the most suitable for that warm season of the year! They are light and fresh, so they will provide you with comfiness during even the hottest days. As we have already mentioned daily Sleeper suits are the stars of the brand’s new summer collection. But there are much more to be noticed: picnic dresses, loungewear sets, women’s suits. However, there are even more novelties now available to make your summertime experience this year brilliant and adorable. Don’t you want to see and try it right now?

We are ready to show you our highlights from the new collection:

  • Atlanta Lounge Suit
  • Rumba Lounge Suit
  • Atlanta Linen Dress
  • Sleeper Loungewear sets.

You can find everything you want or need for having a great summertime in unique, stylish, handmade, and comfortable clothes made by Sleeper. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it during the spring-summer season of 2022!

Women’s suits for a maximum of summer chill

For those, who do not like wearing dresses or just want to try something brand new, there is a great variety of linen women’s suits in the new collection. 


Modern combinations of blouses with ruffled shorts or pants are presented in various prints and colors. They make summer everyday activities easier and more fashionable. Either a pool party or a badminton game would be great in those linen suits. Loungewear women’s suits would make the day even cozier and chiller for sure. Linen fabric and smart, comfortable design of summer suits allow you to freely enjoy summertime activities without any restriction on your movements. If you have tried Sleeper’s linen pajamas, you know that it is comfortable to spend the whole day wearing them. With Sleeper’s new women’s suits you can enjoy the same feeling of comfort during pretty warm summer weather.

Easy and homely style with loungewear sets

Stuck with work tasks and need to get some rest? Take a day off and make it home-based! It is a good opportunity to chill out and don’t think about annoying stuff. Sleeper loungewear brand would make this day even cozier and chiller for sure! The Sleeper lounge suit is just one of many garments designed to be worn during the warm season. The linen jumpsuit is an amazing choice for everyone who wants a garment that falls somewhere between casual and fancy. Linen is a wonderful fabric that fits marvellously, allows your body to breathe freely during hot weather, and is soft to touch at the same time. Excellent linen clothes are made to feel their wearers convenient and admired.

Ad some activity to your day in the loungewear set

Sleeper’s loungewear sets would also be great to wear for morning jogging or some other activities, such as shopping, going for a bike ride, yoga, etc. Due to its simplicity, it will not sit too tight on you. It is comfy and does not restrict your movements while doing some activities. There is also a wide range of size lines for these loungewear sets, so everyone could find suitable clothes.

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