The Mental Health Benefits of Art Therapy


Ever wondered why we color-coded our notes or used certain patterns to remember things? Because our cognitive mind has a special part to play in this. Often you will see that color and patterns signify your memory or feeling about something.

Filmmakers use this for mise en scene, which is basically setting up the mood of the scene without the usage of explanation or dialogue. For example, a happy scene will have vibrant colors present in the scene, and the filter will be brighter.

This is the reason why art therapy has several mental health benefits because colors play a major part in comprehending our subconscious mind. It is also understandable why colors can result in the upliftment of our mood. Certain colors are even scientifically proven to energize our soul from within if we are feeling low for some reason. 

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is the psychological process through which you can be in touch with your sensory feelings through images, colors, and patterns. This helps us get in touch with our emotions and, most importantly, organize them properly.

What Are The Benefits Of Art Therapy? 

Getting in touch with the creative side of our mind naturally opens up a portal to our imagination. They allow us to identify the inner things occurring in our minds. The visual representation of it not only helps us organize it but also heal the maudlin parts.

Some art therapy in Singapore also encourages art therapy to be included in adult sessions along with kids and teens. 

Here are some of the notable benefits of art therapy. 

  • It is a release of emotions. Ever wondered why crying is deemed to be therapeutic? Because it helps us get rid of pent-up feelings. Giving your suppressed emotions a pathway to release is the first step of healing. Art helps you express your feelings in a creative format when you are overwhelmed with the thought of no one understanding you.
  • Discover your feelings. Sometimes we feel angered or frustrated because of the inability to recognize the factor causing the mental turmoil. Giving it a physical form through patterns and colors is giving you an empty canvas to figure it out. The end art product allows you to discover unknown feelings.
  • A feeling of accomplishment. The lack of productivity can be a major cause of bad vibrations. The feeling of accomplishment releases endorphins, which can result in the upliftment of your mood. Completing an artwork utilizes your cognitive brain. Therefore, simply the act can make you feel productive and take you out of the work slump. 

How Is Art Therapy Improving Mental Health

  • Unlike traditional therapies, art therapy doesn’t include talking about your feelings to a triggering amount. Rather it gives you a creative alternative to express it, which can be less tiring and more soulful.
  • One of the major reasons people are reluctant about going to a therapist is that they get anxious to get in touch with their feelings. Art therapy is a non-threatening method where people comprehend their own mental health issues rather than a psychologist showing it to them. 
  • If someone is suffering from a self-esteem issue, then art therapy can help them regain them but letting them get in touch with their creative side. 

Is Art Therapy For Mental Health Conditions? 

There are certain mental health conditions like mild anxiety or PTSD, which can be cured with the help of regular art therapy. However, not all mental health problems can be cured with the aid of simple art therapy. 

Some mental health conditions will require an intrusive study and other exercises plus medicines in some cases to fully cure the patient. That being said, such serious patients can be difficult to break in through just a counseling session. Therefore, art therapy can be a good starting point for them to start with their intensive therapy. 

To Conclude 

Art therapy is something that is indulgent and allows the patient to see what they are feeling rather than the therapist showing or telling through his/her professional perspective. 

Not everyone is willing to understand things through medical eyes. Therefore, art therapy is a good method when they want to recognize and organize their feelings first. After which, the medical professional can give the appropriate treatment for the condition of a chronic problem.

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