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The Many Different Types of Video Games & Their Subgenres

There are many types of video games known in the gaming industry. Their classification is based on the purpose of the product or its technical characteristics, The Many Different Types of Video Games & Their Subgenres and not on the plot, as many believe. So, the categories and genres are further subdivided into subtypes or subgenres. This is a very broad classification that would visually look like a large tree with a bunch of branches on it, from which there are still branches. There are even types of games that fall into several genre categories at once. The Many Different Types of Video Games & Their Subgenres

This is a complex game mechanic, but once you understand it, it becomes easier with the definition of a particular game. And for professional gamers, this is very important.

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But one thing is indisputable: no matter how many types and genres of computer games there are, no matter how difficult it is to understand them and no matter how confusing this classification is, everyone can find a game genre to their liking, or even become a fan of esports.

About the history of video games

The first video game was created in 1958 by physicist William Higginbotham. It was a real sensation at that time. The game’s presentation became the centerpiece of the Open House Day at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The task that the physicist set himself was to create such an instrument that can revive a little educational and work process, as well as show the world a game that can convey the works and efforts of scientists to ordinary people.

It was a Tennis for Two game. Visitors lined up to try the game. In the future, this invention will become the most popular object at the exhibition in the laboratory.

At that time, the power of computers did not allow the creation of serious gaming products. Now let’s see how things have changed these days and how far the gaming industry has advanced.

TOP 5 most popular video game genres

In total, there are 9 key types of computer games. Each of them has its own distinctive and unique characteristics. Let’s take a look at the top five on this list:

  1. Action games. It is currently the most popular genre of computer games. In those ones, the player gets into the plot and has to go all the way, facing various obstacles and difficulties. If he overcomes them, he will reach the final. Subgenres include platformers, shooters, action games, beat-em up, stealth products, survival games, and rhythmic stories like Dance Dance Revolution.
  2. Adventure action games. They are in second place in terms of popularity. They are divided into plots with obstacles and quests. If a game is not suitable for other well-known genres, it will automatically be categorized as an adventure game. The very first development in this genre was released in 1979 under the name “Adventure for the Atari 2600”. The subgenres included metroidvania and survival horror.
  3. Adventure. They are divided according to the style of play. Usually in such products you need to interact with the surrounding characters and the world around you. The genre is divided into subgroups: text adventure, romance novel, graphic adventure, real-time 3D and interactive film. It is a genre that includes some types of 3d games.
  4. Role-playing games. It can be an action movie, a massively multiplayer RPG, a tactical RPG, a sandbox RPG, a first-person group RPG, or Rouguelikes.
  5. Simulators. They close the top five of the most popular genres and consist of such subgenres as life simulation, construction and management simulator, virtual pet games,

The list is closed by strategies, sports, logic and idle genres of game products.

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