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The Maintenance and Care tips of new Sofa sets

Buying a new sofa can be exciting as they are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. When you are purchasing a new sofa set, maintenance and care should be your top priorities. The Maintenance and Care tips of new Sofa Make sure you know how to maintain and take proper care of it. You don’t want to make your new sofa look worn out within a few months of purchase. 

Moreover, they are part of home décor, The Maintenance and Care tips of new Sofa and a dirty couch with stain marks and spills will make a negative impression in front of your guests. In this article, you will get insights into a few maintenance and care tips for new sofa sets, so you can make them look new and tidy for a longer period. 

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  • Regular cleaning is mandatory 

If you have recently bought a new sofa set it’s essential to clean it regularly to protect it from dust and dirt. You might want to use antibacterial sprays or wipe them down with a damp cloth. You can also vacuum the cushions and then brush off any loose fibres before replacing them on top of the frame, or covering them with an additional throw blanket or cushion cover. 

If possible, avoid using any water-based chemical cleaner, as this can cause permanent damage to the fabric material. Using chemical cleaners frequently will make your sofa look sluggish and worn out. Moreover, when you buy sofa sets online from a good site, it doesn’t matter much. However, you should check it properly for any stains or worn outs in case you are buying it from a less trusted site.

  • Remove stain or spill marks immediately 

Stain or spill marks can also cause permanent damage to your sofa sets. It is extremely important to remove any kind of stain or spill marks as soon as you spot them. The longer you take to clean them, the more difficult it will become to remove them. You can use vinegar, baking soda or alcohol based on the type of stain mark. 

Apply any good quality fabric stain remover with less chemical composition to get rid of the marks. Treat it with a fabric conditioner to restore the shine and lustre of your new couch. The best way to prevent permanent marks is by covering your couch with blankets or buying upholstered sofa sets. 

  • Consider professional cleaning services

New sofa sets don’t require professional cleaning services but after using them for some months or a year, they will start to lose their shine and lustre. No matter how regular you are with your sofa maintenance and care routine, you won’t be able to properly clean everything. 

If you want a better way of cleaning your new couch, especially if you have kids or pets in your house then you might want to consider professional cleaning services once or twice a year to deep clean the fabric and get rid of any stains or spill marks. 

  • Keep away from direct sunlight 

A part of the maintenance and care routine of your new sofa set must include ensuring that it is placed away from direct sunlight. The sun can damage the fabric and upholstery on your sofa set, which will lead to wear and tear over time. This will also result in colour fading, discolouration of the fabric, and other damage that will ultimately need to be repaired or replaced. You can also close the curtains or window for a while when direct sun rays hit your couch.  

  • Use appropriate upholstery cleaning tools

If you plan on cleaning your sofa regularly, make sure you use the right tools for the job. Don’t just grab any old rag or vacuum cleaner as a part of your maintenance and care routine. The right tools will ensure that you don’t scratch or damage the material used in building your new couch set.

Try using an upholstery cleaning tool like a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust particles that are stuck in the corners or seams of your couch. Moreover, when it comes to vacuuming, try using an upright vacuum with a narrow nozzle attachment. This will allow more access to nooks and crannies without the risk of damaging delicate fabrics. 

The Bottom-line

A good sofa set will be well-made with quality materials, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is a piece of furniture that you might want to look after and take care of. To make it look great for a long time, ensure that you are following these maintenance and care tips. 

Maintaining and cleaning sofa sets is not that difficult. Once you make a habit of cleaning it regularly, you will finish it much faster. Maintenance and care of new sofa sets will also help you to increase their longevity, and you don’t have to worry about replacing your couch anytime soon.

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