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The Godfather 2 Banned in the UAE – Top reasons

According to the news, The Godfather 2 game which is made by the EA Games, has been banned in the UAE. The acclaimed 1974 crime drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The game has been released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It’sIt’s also a sequel to The Godfather: The Game, which was also developed and published by EA in 2006.

godfather 2 banned

In the game, the player’s character battle rival families and take over businesses to ultimately become a “don” ruling over many cities.

Why it is ban in UAE?

The Government of UAE and the National Media Council has banned this game in the state because of the excessive nudity and violence. Some other cons of the game are given here.

  • Nothing about this game looks completed, repetitive and uninspired gameplay, crew members, are not cooperative.
  • The game is poorly designed multiplayer dated visuals, maps, and modes
  • No line and a few bugs are there
  • Generic and ugly world, poorly implemented strategy section, and no challenge of gunfights

About the Game

The gameplay has a victory like a feel, in that the individual rackets in the city are constrained by rival families, and you are entrusted with getting these rackets heavily influenced by your family by scaring them to pay for your security.

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To do this, you can send individuals from your group to equal controlled regions to debilitate them by doing things like besieging their structures which through and through annihilates the racket for a while. You can likewise take out individuals from the opponent family. Additionally, they won’t be at their family’s compound when you attempt to take their compound. When they are sufficiently weak, you can assault these rackets and attempt to overcome them and make them your own.

Taking a region doesn’t ensure its security, however, and you should enlist watches in the event that somebody attempts to take a domain from you.

The game is available on Xbox 360 version 7.7 and play station three as well as the PC. It offers a good dose of fun, but the lack of difficulty holds the game back from correctly becoming a great crime game. This is the game that is a mixture of action and thrill. Teens love to play this game.

This game was expected to launch in the Market in August, but the Government of UAE banned the game. This game allows you to enjoy thrill and fun while shooting and completing the levels of the game. The Player has to complete all its objectives, and he will be able to get the next level.

It will be a nice experience to share your gaming experience with your friends and family that you have a good time while playing this game. You can play with your friends that will be a nice time for you to enjoy the game. Show them your successful level because on the screen you will have her picture, ID, and online status. This virtual game is great for spending your free time in an innovative way. This is a user’s friendly game that provides you with a very nice experience to chat.

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  • Real-Time game
  • Online status
  • The picture on the screen and wonderful graphics
  • It offers some cool movie moments from the upgradable arsenal, perspective graphics, and others
  • Long, decent acting, lots of fun, great story and addictive
  • A decent storyline based on solid shooting controls, gunplay, and many more.

What will be the expression of your friends if you enjoy playing this game with other players like friends or a family member? They will be shocked, definitely. Download or install this game on your play station or Xbox as early as possible because it provides you with great fun and entertainment. By using this game, you can make fun with your children and friends. It is a user’s friendly game that is very easy to use. This is the reason it is popular among people. It is a wonderful game that is designed to surprise your family and friends. It is highly safe and secure for your children. You can allow them to use it.

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Listen to the Magical sound quality of shooting and thrill

You have the option to set the time

Attractive game 

Who is not known with the name of the Godfather 2? It is the best and famous adventure movie of this time because it has earned more than 2.4 million subscribers creating videos, challenges, Vlogs, sketches, unboxings, and others. Just show your friends and family that you are playing this game on your play station and Xbox. Isn’tIsn’t it great? This game is designed for entertainment purposes. With the attractive layout, this game will not get you bored. It is a user’s friendly game that is very easy to use. You do not need Wi-fi or an internet connection to use this app. It is very simple to install and to operate with a start button.

A Real Source of Entertainment:

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Easy Installation:

Intending with the configuration that is very easy to install, making it an ideal choice for the users. The adventure games are admired due to the thrill. You can buy this game online, and it offers easy installation on your device. This feature increases your gaming experience. You will enjoy the game adventure and its thrill by playing the game and having its complete shooting control. It is safe and secure for adults to play. No doubt, it offers the real delight of adventure.

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