The Best Phone Service for Restaurants

Do you need a reliable phone system for your restaurant? There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing a restaurant phone system. It’s confusing, cumbersome, and time-consuming to figure out all the options – such as VoIP, traditional phone lines, and POTS lines.

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Clarity Voice provides pizza phone services for Business. Restaurants of all sizes can use this service to stay connected with their customers, save money and grow their business. Read on to learn the best phone service for restaurants.

Why Choose a  PizzaPhone by Clarity Voice By Phone

Clarity Voice’s mission is simple: they want to make it easier for restaurant owners to connect with their customers. Many companies have upgraded to PizzaPhone since its inception, like Jet’s Pizza, Hungry Howies, Domino Pizza, etc. The following are reasons why you should incorporate a PizzaPhone into your business.

No Busy Signals For phone

If you own a restaurant business, you know that the phone is essential. You must always contact your customers and staff, but it cannot be easy to have a reliable line of communication when your line is busy with other calls.

The PizzaPhone solves this problem by providing a phone number that doesn’t miss calls or give you busy signals. Your customers will reach someone on the line, and they’ll answer questions or concerns they have about their order or service. 

Increased Revenue

The best way to increase your revenue is to create more personalized ads for customers calling in from outside the restaurant or their homes.

As you wait for someone to pick up the phone, customized ads will play. It makes it easy for people interested in ordering from your restaurant but who aren’t necessarily ready to order yet.


The Pizzaphone gives you the freedom to stay in touch with your customers at any time of day. You can place orders, speak with them directly and ensure they are happy with their orders. The Pizzaphone is also convenient as it lets you stay connected with customers without internet or electricity.

It is an option if you have a small business and do not want to invest in expensive equipment such as a computer or phone system. The Pizzaphone is easy to use and helps you provide excellent customer service while staying connected with your customers at all times of the day.

Access to a Team of Experts

They help you decide what phone service is right for your business, whether voice or data and how much should be spent.

They will also recommend any necessary upgrades or changes to your current phone system, as well as any other services that may be needed to keep up with the growing needs of your restaurant.

The technicians are available 24/7, seven days a week, to help you with any issues. They guide you through any issues and offer recommendations for preventing them from occurring again.

Customizable Features

If you’re a restaurateur, you know that the best phone service for your business is easy to set up and customize. You need to make quick changes as guests order—not only to ensure that your orders are accurate and delivered quickly but also so that you can change the menu based on what your customers want.

It offers an array of features to help you run your business, including:

  • An easy-to-use interface makes managing your customers and orders simple.
  • A customer database that lets you manage your customers’ information.
  • A ticketing system allows you to track customer interactions with the company or employee who handled them.
  • An ordering system allows customers to place orders without waiting in line at the restaurant.

Excellent Customer Service

They take customer service seriously. They believe that when you are buying a product, you should be able to trust the company that made it. That’s why they always strive for excellence in their products and customer service. They strive to be there for you every step, from helping you decide on the right features for your phone to follow up with any questions or concerns you may have.

They have put together a process that ensures your order is handled carefully and efficiently—ensuring that all of your needs are met. They will fix anything going wrong right away. 

The restaurant business is experiencing explosive growth due to increasing food awareness and changing consumer trends. For restaurants to continue growing in this competitive environment, they must have the best phone service for their needs. Ultimately, a restaurant’s phone service should make it easy for customers to contact your business and place an order.

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