The Best Motherboards for i7 10700K

Learn all about The Best Motherboards for i7 10700K. Intel has never failed to amaze us with its inventions. The Intel Core i7 10700k desktop processor is available in the market.

This 10th generation processor is loved by gamers and professionals all around the globe because of its efficient working experience as it comes with eight physical cores and sixteen threads.

The CPU of Intel’s 10th generation processor is known as ‘Comet Lake,’ which is an ideal processing unit for gamers and professionals.

Users can match the performance of the beast processors with this 10th generation processor only if they pick the best motherboard.

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Well, picking the best motherboard for i7 10700K is not as simple as it sounds because there are plenty of motherboards available on the market.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best motherboards for i7 10700K processor.

So, stick to reading!

Best Motherboards for i7 10700K

      I.         MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE The Best Motherboard for i7

The MEG Z490 is one of the best motherboards for the Intel 10th generation processor. This motherboard is ideal for gamers as it pushes the limits of what an extreme gaming series can be with its super performance.

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Whether you are a gamer or a PC enthusiast, this motherboard is your go-to option for the i7 10700K processor as it offers high performance with many advanced features.

This motherboard offers 5000 MHz memory speed, LGA 1200 socket, and support 128 GB dual-channel DDR4 memory.

The MEG Z490 motherboard comes with a 2X Thunderbolt which provides an excellent transfer speed of up to 40GB per second.

To prevent system overheating, the Z490 motherboard contains 7W/mK Thermal pad, which provides better heat transfer to the heat sink.

This motherboard is based on a solid metal design which includes a backplate to cool down the temperature.

This MSI motherboard offers a variety of connectors, on-board 10G super LAN, boosted audio to make any gaming experience an immense one.

Reasons to consider

  • 2X Thunderbolt for excellent transfer speed.
  • 7W/mK Thermalpad for better heat transfer.
  • Solid metal design with a backplate.

Reasons not to consider

  • Not an economical option.

     II.         ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex

The ROG Maximus motherboard is an extremely intelligent addition to the ROG motherboard collection.

This motherboard is designed to ensure system stability and to ensure that the system works in its optimal condition.

The ROG Maximus motherboard is best suited for the i7 10700K processor as it comes with an AI cooling system that automatically manages and controls fans connected to the motherboard.

This motherboard is smarter and faster than ever before as it comes with 16 power stages, and to deliver the ideal performance the ASUS motherboard is packed with intuitive and flexible tools.

To offer super smooth connectivity, the Maximus XII Apex motherboard comes with several input sources, wireless connectivity, and multiple PCIe extensions.

Overclocking is a crucial factor in order to pick any motherboard, the ASUS ROG motherboard claims to be a record-breaking motherboard because of its improved overclocking performance.

To unleash the maximum performance of your 10th generation Intel Core i7 10700K processor, this motherboard comes with an Intel LGA 1200 socket.

If you want to personalize your PC to get what you want, this motherboard is your best friend. You can get all the customization options that will allow you to build a PC that stands apart from others.

Reasons to consider

  • Super smooth connectivity with multiple input sources.
  • AI cooling system that automatically controls motherboard-connected fans.
  • Personalized options for users.

Reasons not to consider

  • Does not include Thunderbolt 3.


Anyone looking for the best motherboard for the i7 10700K processor can definitely unlock the option of MEG Z490 as it is best for everyone whether you are a gamer or PC enthusiast.

The MEG Z490 motherboard offers a lot of great features including a 2X Thunderbolt for excellent transfer speed, enhanced audio, sleek design, exceptional overclocking, and a lot more.

But, the only drawback of the MEG Z490 motherboard is its price. It is not an economical motherboard. If price is not your concern, this motherboard is your go-to option.

On the other hand, the ROG Maximus XII Apex motherboard is a budget-friendly motherboard and is extremely great because of its AI cooling system.

The AI overclocking and cooling system make this motherboard an intelligent addition to the ROG motherboard series.

Also, the ROG Maximus motherboard can be personalized to user wants and demands. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly motherboard with high performance, you can go for Maximus XII Apex.

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