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The Best Live Casino Games Ranked from the Easiest to the Hardest

Thousands of people throughout the world love playing online casino games. The Best Live Casino Games Ranked from the Easiest to the Hardest Online casinos with the best reputations have a large selection of the most exhilarating games for their players.

New gamblers often have difficulty deciding which online casino games to try. The Best Live Casino Games Ranked from the Easiest to the Hardest Once you know which games have good odds, you can start betting. Next, you have to take into account the amount of money that they pay. As the last step, you must learn how to play the online game effectively. The Best Live Casino Games Ranked from the Easiest to the Hardest Sitting at the bar rather than participating in a game appears more appealing at times.

The complexity of an online casino game varies from one game to the next. While some need a lifetime of practice, others may be learned in a matter of minutes. Online casino owners and operators are in it to make a profit. They’d be less profitable if all the most popular online casino games were too complex.

At an online casino, there are a number of possibilities for those who are still unsure. The following are some popular online casino games, listed from the easiest to the most challenging for new players.

Online Casino Games That Are Easy to Win

The exotic themes and functionalities of online casino games make them quite popular. In spite of this, players continue to choose table games because of a few advantages that slots lack. As a result, the house has a smaller advantage, making it simpler to win. 


For many years, Blackjack has been a player favorite because of its perceived ease of play. The goal of this card game is to come as near to 21 as possible while using the fewest cards possible. In Blackjack, your odds of winning are 42.22 percent, your odds of losing are 49.10 percent, and your odds of a tie are 8.48 percent. You may improve your chances of winning by using a sound plan and certain skills.


One of the most popular live casino online games is Baccarat. When you first start playing, it seems like a difficult game, but it’s really fairly simple. You may wager on either the player or the banker in Baccarat. It’s best to avoid betting on a tie since the odds are so high. The banker has a 51% probability of winning this game, making him the best bet. There is a 9.53 percent possibility of a tie bet and a 44.62 percent chance of a player winning the wager.

Casino War

Online casino players may also have a lot of fun playing Casino War, a game with excellent winning chances. For the excitement of rivalry and the chance to win large, play this online casino game. Casino War has a 50.27 percent probability of winning, and it’s the live casino with the lowest house margin in the business.

Casino Games That Are Hard to Be Beaten

Online casino games provide you a better chance of hitting a lucky streak and winning more often; however, slot machines might make it more difficult to win.

High Volatility Slots

There are a variety of online slots to choose from, ranging in volatility from low to medium to high. There are various return to player ratios and hit rates for high volatility slots. There is no assurance that you will win throughout your games, despite the win probability.

Many gamblers choose slots with a greater payout % because they believe they have a better shot at winning. According to the information provided, a slot machine with an RTP of 96 percent does not generally have lower payoff chances than a slot machine with an 80 percent payout rate. High-volatility slot games are more difficult to win than lower-volatility slot games because of this.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Another favorite of online casino patrons is the wide selection of enticing progressive jackpot games. It’s common that progressive games may make players billionaires overnight.

Despite their propensity for large payouts, these video slots are very tough to win consistently. As the prize climbs, it becomes clear that winning is not a certain conclusion. Each stake a player places increases the size of the progressive jackpot. The greater the jackpot prize pool, the more people there are to compete against. If the prize money is large, it reveals how many people have participated in previous competitions and how less it has paid out.

The chances of winning the jackpot are around 50 million to one. Thus, this is a very remote possibility. Playing popular progressive jackpot games does not deter gamblers from risking their money.

Lottery Games

With lottery-style games like it, players are drawn in by the simplicity of the games and the potential for huge rewards. Software vendors have gone so far as to produce more thrilling versions for gamblers to enjoy, with various themes and features of their own design and development. While lottery games are a lot of fun, the winning chances aren’t as good as they are at the table. The likelihood of winning the top prize in a lottery game is one in every twelve million.

Final Words

Online casinos provide a variety of good places to start for new gamblers. If you think you’re a novice gambler, don’t manage to speak yourself out of it. Every gambler has started somewhere, so don’t allow self-doubt and misgivings put you on the outskirts.

For those who have never gambled before, there are a number of games with low skill requirements. Slot machines, on the other hand, are popular with newbies but may quickly become tedious and repetitive.

There are pros and cons to every online casino game, and some provide higher possibilities of winning than others when it comes to the chances of winning. Play responsibly at all times, regardless of how you play or what game you choose.

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