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The Best Apps to Get Help with Coding Homework

We think there is no point in explaining why you should learn to code. It is so clear that this is a promising profession, and it is easier to get knowledge from a smartphone or tablet than from a PC. However, while learning to code, you may face some problems,The Best Apps to Get Help with Coding Homework especially when doing assignments. Don’t worry; there are two ways out. The first one is to get help with coding on special services. The second one is to use special apps. 

Here are some of the best smartphone apps to help you learn coding and web development and do your homework much efficiently.The Best Apps to Get Help with Coding Homework

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SoloLearn By Homework

It is a free application for beginner programmers and professionals. The app is recognized as the best software product on Facebook FbStart. It is recommended in TechCrunch, the online startup magazine, Forbes magazine. The catalog of materials is expanding daily; workshops and theory are added to it in all kinds of programming languages ​​– from popular ones to those used in narrow fields. Content is offered to the student based on their requests and progress in using SoloLearn’s services. You can create and run real codes without installing additional programs. It is the editor’s choice on Google Play.

Programming Hub For Homework

The coding app was developed with input from Google experts. It includes a catalog of 5 thousand code examples in 20 languages, with its help you learn HTML, CSS, SQL, and explore Linux Shell scripts. The appendix contains two dozen courses, conceptual illustrations, and the fastest compiler. It is ranked at the top of the best, according to the editors of Google Play.


It is an app created by industry experts to teach programming from scratch by solving problems and participating in quizzes. The app is suitable for users with different purposes: for those who want to create sites or games, master languages, and object-oriented programming. There is an impressive base of lessons and a lot of exercises. Coins and badges act as motivators, in addition to improving skills.


The next candidate for the title of the best application for learning programming is Mimo – an integrated system for teaching various programming languages and real development in a mobile software environment. 

Mimo combines small theory tests in HTML, CSS, JS, Swift, and other languages, as well as complex assignments that actually test the skills in layout and algorithm creation. Moreover, at the end of each training block, Mimo offers to develop a real working project: your own page, a voting function on it, a basket for adding purchases, etc.

The application keeps statistics of classes and evaluates their effectiveness. This helps you stay motivated and keep exercising daily, developing the habit of programming. All in all, it is a great solution for aspiring coders looking to learn new things on the go. Mimo is constantly evolving, acquiring new features, and learning new languages with you.


It is one of the best apps for learning programming on a smartphone or tablet. Py service appeared in the App Store and Google Play relatively recently but has already won the trust of the press and many users.

The program promises to teach to work not only with basic HTML markup, CSS, and JavaScript basics, as many competitors do but also with more complex languages. For example, you can learn Swift or SQL.

All lessons are interactive. In the course of training, you will have to write actual code and immediately see the consequences of its implementation, and not just read the theory, from which, as a result, little remains clear.

Py teaches you how to collect data, create functions to process and return this data, layout full-fledged web resources, configure web servers, connect RESTapi, and even develop functional applications for mobile devices. That is, you will learn everything that real developers do, and not just change the color of the text and the size of the fonts.

That’s all. These are the proven top apps in the AppStore and Google Play, trusted by millions of users and thanks to which many students learn how to program and do their coding homework much efficiently. 

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