Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Benefits of Adult Sex Toys -Proven benefits you don’t know

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Are you looking for the benefits of adult sex toys? “Sex toys ?! Are you crazy ?! I would never use them, you know what a shame !! “
When it comes to sex toys (if you’ve ever talked about it), how many times have you experienced such reactions?

Well, although the popularity of sex toys has increased enormously over the last few years. Situations such as those described above occur very commonly. And a large slice of the population believes that. The use of these “games” can be somehow harmful to the intimacy of a relationship.Benefits of Adult Sex toys

So, what are the benefits that sex toys bring to a couple? Why should we learn to be more open about their use?

 We must not forget that the sexual relationship in the couple depends a lot on openness and communication between the partners. The more positive these factors are, the more you will tend towards greater relational satisfaction in and out of bed.

Here is a list of the major benefits:

They promote communication in the couple. How many times have we refrained from talking to our partner about our fears or fantasies. For fear of his judgment, his thoughts, or his reactions? For example, how many women are able to communicate with their partner that sometimes penetration alone is not enough to reach orgasm? (yes, “alpha males”, someone had to tell you). In these cases, buying a sex toy could be an opportunity to communicate what intrigues us, intrigues us, and allows us to experience greater pleasure.

They inspire us to experiment and get to know each other better. People who have never used sex toys may discover pleasures and sensations they have never experienced and maybe add a little fun to the usual routine. Especially in the male sphere, where there are many preconceptions related to the concept of masculinity. And to “what it means to be a man”; concepts that very often create blocking walls not only on a behavioral level but also on the psychic and sense of self.

They allow you to have orgasms during intercourse: just to remind you that penetration alone is often not enough. Why feel embarrassed to be helped by a sex toy ?! In the end, achieving pleasure during intercourse with the help of a sex toy still counts as an orgasm during intercourse, right ?!

Finally, to reconnect with the point mentioned above, sex toys take nothing away from anyone! If you use a toy during sexual intercourse with a partner, you are still having intercourse with another person. There is always room for your partner, for their actions and their fantasies!

So, to conclude, if sex toys seem to bring anything but sorrow into the relationship, why not use them !?

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