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Everything to know about the TechGuru Company

Who does not know about TechGuru in the IT industry. Establishing in 2008, the Tech Guru helps building the CPA firms of the future. They offer CPA IT services across the country and deliver CIO-level strategy to all the CPA firms looking high-tech support, guidance and resources. The CEO and founder Daniel Moshe was the college student, when he started fixing computer issues.

TechGuru is your solution for all your IT needs. On company, you will get complete assistance and information about all IT services. With the company, it is simple to build a developer hub that adapts to the user, is always up to date and looks great. Now, with Guru Tech team, you can see automatically see your own individual API key that they can use with your API. All these files contain information about other files in archive or directory of computer software. Learn more about their services in the below lines.

About IT support

Today, every business needs IT support to function and grow successfully. It is something that need to meet the daily challenges. We are living in a digital world; therefore, we need to implement modern technology to our businesses. Every business needs technical supports regularly to run its system smoothly. With an expert IT professional, it is not possible to handle all these issues. There are many things that you need to manage other than errors in devices and gadgets. Businesses need a professional IT support to handle business solutions and application management.

Expert team at Guru Tech provides efficient IT solution since it works with the goal to focus on the satisfaction and ease of the clients. Now, all the businesses can focus on the clients but not on managing the technology. They are expert at CPA firm’s technical solutions. They know which type of problems may come in terms of IT and these issues cause of hindrance in the successful management of the accounting company.

They help their clients by providing them essential CPA tools, managing their functionality and fixing the issues. They are well-aware of the needs for the hardware and software support.

What do they offer?

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Hardware support
  • Asset configuration
  • Network Traffic analysis
  • Patch management
  • Go live monitoring
  • Performance baseline
  • Remote support

Tech Guru is a one-stop shop for all your IT solution, data back, cyber security, managed IT, IT solutions and needs. They experience that is unique and depth of proficiency to the still-emerging field of IT support. With the help of their extensive knowledge base to optimize your business website for successful functions. Team at Tech Guru is expert at all fields of IT support since all their strategies are proven and the innovative marketing solutions that our team provides to all out clients. Tech Guru overlooks how they can assist transform your organization’s social media and web pages for visibly impressive results.

How do they help their clients?

On your IT systems, as more and more reliability and demands are placed, CPA firms have already overburdened. They need a solid It support to manage their accounting tasks more carefully. With the help of the expert team, you will be able to get rid of this pressure since, your systems and tools are working efficiently and accurately. The team at Tech Guru is professional and they are committed to provide you the following services

  • Quick deployment of technology
  • New technology implementation
  • Enhanced cost of IT managements
  • Improved productivity of your staff
  • Approach to the economy on investment
  • Increased returns on the investment
  • First Class expertise and best practices

They are different from others because they serve their clients in a different way.

Computer system repairs

Computer system repairs

Are you searching an innovative computer repair service? The innovative organization is widely recognized for keeping your system up-to-date. By installing necessary software such as music making software, online backup and antivirus software with efficient repair services, they can provide high-quality. For containing the team of experts in repairing the system and operations they are famous. They offer a solid full-cycle development services for desktop, mobile and web. It raises the value to the business. With the help of an expert team, they offer high quality.

  1. Custom software Development and installation

For raising the productivity of your business they develop the software. It is designed to offer value to your business. This software is based on full cycle development. The use of the antivirus programs such as Kaspersky, power director, avg antivirus music making software, online backup, 3d systems can increase the security of your system.

  1. Mobile apps Enterprise

There is a successful completion of 300 projects is at their credits. A team of expert develops mobile back-ends, Xamarin apps, Cordova, WP, Android, iOS. They offer maintenance and integration. By offering a user’s friendly services, they are highly helpful.

  1. Development of web portals and website

Designing a website is a collaborative effort. They use the unique ideas for development of the website in an innovative way.

  1. Business Intelligence

By covering their client’s requirements with the dashboards, reports, and OLAP cubes and data warehouses they provide a solid support to your business.

  1. Loyalty and CRM

They develop software that is ultimate solutions for B2C and B2B enterprise, loyalty solutions, and industry focused consulting. It features a retail bank CRM.

Customer support

A CPA firm needs to make your 24/7 online presence possible during your early days to engage your clients. It is important to check the efficiency of your IT systems and tools. In the early days, you may need assistance or technical support to run your tools smoothly on the internet. Therefore, you should approach a high response, well-trained, and friendly customer care available 24/7. In this way, you will be able to manage the technical issues if your tools or other systems contains any in any case.

Tech Guru provides high-tech support to all its users at once. Therefore, a trial is a must. All Tech Guru claims that they are available 24/7 for customer support, but it is not true with most of the services since their agents take hours to reply to your queries. No doubt, you will get the best and high-quality IT support.

The only way to check the authenticity of their customer support is to check reviews of their clients and testimonials. Make sure whether you can access them on multiple channels such as landline, email, and live chat or not.

Tech Guru is a customer-oriented service that always works for the satisfaction of their clients. Therefore, they offer a money-back guarantee for all their services. The only way to check their authenticity, you can review testimonials and feedback from the customers.

No issues or system down issues

Security, reliability, and uptime score are highly important. Unstable network connections and weak servers often take your site offline. In this way, you lose your viewership and traffic towards the site. Moreover, you can lose your clients as well as it leads to low ranking on the search engines like Yahoo and Google. Tech Guru always provides 99.9% uptime scores for your online accounting tools. Your tools will not be down due to the weak server. They are not similar to the ordinary service providers because they will provide 99.9% uptime, but they never keep their words. You need to check reviews of their customers on the website; you will know about their authenticity.

Project requests

Step forward to the bright future with them because Tech Guru is specialist in offering CPA firm solutions. No doubt, their professional IT support team is rich in experience to create powerful solutions. It helps their customers to take advantages of several features such as building games, extending business, streaming media, push data, GPS navigation and many more. Their clients ask them if it is possible to get On-demand business models. Yes, it is. The use of the on-demand business model is helpful for business growth. In this way, business owner provides support to the customers by fulfilling their demands.


If you are new to the IT industry and looking for the suitable option, then you will find Tech guru the right option because their suitable price options. Never choose high price package for your new business setup. Yes, why pay higher for the same services. High prices do not mean that you are getting super-class services too. You will observe large differences in prices offered by different IT services.

However, going to the cheapest option is not always a good idea, especially when you need it for the long term. Whenever you review the potential options, you need to focus on the resourceful and skilled workforce, a stable network connection price, and state-of-the-art hardware.

The IT support service comes with 12 months, 24 months, and 36-month plans for the users. All these are great for the majority of the users. These plans are affordable and will not break your bank account.

Pricing is one of the biggest perks when utilizing this service is 100%guarenteed. All the plans it offers to its users are affordable and suitable for most people looking for the best and long-term IT support service.

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