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Table Shower:  The History, Process And Its Benefits

You’ve probably heard of table showers but might not be sure what they are or how they work. A spa table shower combines the benefits of an in-home spa experience with the convenience of traditional salon services. This will cover everything you need to know about table showers. Including how and why they were invented, and the types of services they offer. And the specific benefits of using one.

Table Shower Overview:

A table shower is constructed from five to seven shower heads affixed to an extendable rod in the form of a curtain rod. The rod is used to help massage someone as water cascades from it onto a table for drainage. When you book a table shower treatment in a specialized spa, you can also get hydrotherapy in a dosage of about 50 liters (13 US gallons) per minute. To start, do you want to experience more than 100 gallons (378.5 l) of water rushing over your back in ten minutes while lying in a bath full of inches of water? To make the experience a little more customized, the therapist can adjust the height of the nozzle to control where the water is direct.

Some spas offer the option of a handheld showerhead for a more extensive experience. Also, they will adjust the temperature of the water. And the pattern of movements on your request. The different placement of the jets will provide a perfect treatment with a whole-body water massage. If possible, always ask for this treatment after a body scrub to improve the absorption of products previously rubbed into your skin. However, if you want a body table shower massage. The table shower will warm and relax you and prepare your body for complete pleasure.

The Benefits of a Table Shower:

So far, we have spoken about how healing water is. But they offer so much more when it comes to table shower massage. There are some important points to understand before booking a shower table massage session: it is not a good idea for those who are not comfortable being in the nude for the whole session. Some spas offer to provide you with towels or disposable undergarments to wear under your robes. But your skin will eventually be revealed to the masseuse regardless.

 For that reason, make sure you get the right kind of massage to remove the anxieties about being on the table in the nude before your massage table shower begins. To ensure that a spa doesn’t give you a service you didn’t ask for, it’s good to confirm their shower policies before the service. They may not offer disposable underwear or allow clients to request female or male masseuses. Always research the spa’s reputation if you have any concerns about any sexual propositions. It’s always advisable to book a session before determining the spa or parlor is legitimate.

History Of the Table Shower:

The exact origin of a shower table is not entirely clear. However, it got its popular name ‘Vichy shower’ after the small town in Central France. It is a place with a long tradition of hydrotherapy. The legend says that Julius Caesar discovered the therapeutic waters of the springs while trying to conquest ancient Gaul (France). His hard-ridden, exhausted horses drank the Vichy waters and recovered from the fatigue right away. As soon as the Romans discovered the potential of the thermal springs. They started constructing spas in that area. By the 16th century, more and more people visited these spas. And enjoyed the healing mineral baths. The medieval French royalty. And European aristocracy spent weeks or even months in Vichy looking for curing, relaxation, and enjoyment.

The Modern Table Shower:

The town of Vichy, as well as the surrounding area, contains five natural mineral springs. When you get there, you can choose a treatment facility that meets your needs, depending on the kind of treatment you want. They offer the cold-water treatment and carbonate mineral springs. And the spring with water reaching temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional offerings include mud cures, mechanical therapy, and oxygen therapy. We also provide you with water and a chance to take a bath or shower. These springs are perfect for treating people who suffer from liver disorders, and problems with the GI tract. Skin disorders disturbed metabolism, arthritis, rheumatism, paralysis, and gout. By the nineteenth century, most people in the western world knew about the Vichy table shower. In the twentieth century, the Vichy table shower offered hydrotherapy.

And relaxation massage and became famous in spa table shower and resorts across the US. Nowadays, many massage spas and beauty salons worldwide offer Vichy treatments based on the design of the Vichy showers. Some of the most popular spas are Korean, Japanese, and Thai. My favorite is a Japanese table shower combined with a salt scrub spa treatment. One of the best treatments is the body scrub. You can experience it in most Korean spas. If you visit one of them, you will get an excellent massage with coarse mitts rubbing away dead skin from your body. Moreover, the East Asian massage spas have started advertising a more sensual experience for customers in the US.

What did You expect During a Table Shower?

Different spas have different table showers, so you’ll have to wait until the end of your message to know. You may get more out of your massage table shower if you do the table shower before, but if you do it after, it will work better for skincare by removing all the oil from your pores.

1. Wear During the Treatment:

There is the option to have a shower fully clothed if the law doesn’t say otherwise. People choose to maintain their privacy by using towels on top of their bodies for the most part. You could use disposable undergarments. Remember that you should take a bath first to don’t transfer bacteria onto the table’s surface. The therapist will tell you when to lay on your back and when it is time to switch positions to your stomach.

2. Water Temperature:

The temperature will depend on your preferences and how many alternating intervals of hot, cold, and warm water you need. You may request that drinks poured that way if you prefer them.

3. The Massage Room:

When going to a spa, expect to receive a message in the private (individual) shower room with the table shower in the center. A clean towel will place on the table for you before the treatment begins. I’m most looking forward to a bar with some cascading showerheads at the table shower. On the other hand, some spas have an alternate massage method. Therapists use a handheld showerhead in these situations.

4. The Procedure:

First, we massage your back with warm water. You lie down face down on the already wettable when that’s done. The therapist will control the water temperature, so it is just bearable at first. Once you are wet, the therapist will scrub your backside with a loofah. When you are through washing the front of your body, the therapist will proceed to rinse your back and rinse you in reverse order. 2)Next, when you are rinsing the front of your body, the therapist will ask you to turn over and rinse your back similarly. 3)Different table showers in some Asian countries align the shower heads to correspond with the body’s seven chakras. Every chakra (one of seven energy centers) in your spine is represented by water, and when exposed to water, your energy field will clear of toxins.

5. Luxurious Services:

Nowadays, massage spas offer some luxurious treatment types, such as mud. Seaweed, or even chocolate wraps. You can also enjoy a sea salt scrub or a massage with a favorite type of oil. These treatments are just the beginning: an introduction to the experience of shower table, and massages. And moisturizing lotion application.

Table Shower Benefits:

All of us have heard about the healing benefits of water, but table showers offer something more.


Once you find yourself under the low water pressure shower head. You will experience an unreal feeling of floating on water. Every time, without exception, I feel relaxed and happy at that table. My enjoyment begins as soon as I lie on the table, even before the real massage table shower begins. Thanks to the stimulation of skin nerves, a table shower reduces the level of everyday stress. Imagine how relaxing that light rain under the wisely set shower heads can be after a tiring and stressful working day? You will feel your sore muscles relax slowly and gradually. Since the water is set at the body temperatures, it will be neither too cold nor too hot. However, you can ask for the pressure and temperature adjustment as desired.

Immunity Boost:

Vichy showers aid in lymphatic circulation, necessary for a healthy immune system. They do this by stimulating circulation, which transports fluids. And blood cells to the lymph nodes and back to the heart. The process cleans the body of toxins and helps fight infection. By taking the Vichy shower, you eliminate the lymphatic blockage. And the negative side effects such as. ut not limited to, migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, acne, and cellulite.

Enhanced Spa Services:

More and more massage therapists are integrating table shower services into their business offerings. Do you offer or want to offer a table shower service in your spa or clinic? If so, here’s what you need to know about table showers: What is a table shower? The table shower is an enhanced form of aromatherapy that involves spraying essential oils on the body during a full-body massage.


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