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Surgical Medical Mask, how is it different and how to use it?

We learn here surgical medical mask manufacturer, how are they different and how to use them? In fact, the purpose of use is clearly divided for efficiency and the highest security if distinguished to see it clearly can be separated in the beginning according to the topic below. 

The first thing I would like to know is A group of standards that we often use to call Which many standards would be familiar to some, such as, Korea Standard, DS Japan and many others. Let’s come to explain in detail and difference again to be familiar with china people like us this time we will compare on the US side first. It is divided into the following topics: 

Standards and Standards Providers

Medical mask (Surgical Mask)  

Medical mask or Surgical Mask is a disposable sheet mask. It’s made from materials that have the ability to filter germs and aerosol secretions which must have standard qualifications that can be used in medicine by the supervisory agency and certified to be FDA (Food and Drug Administration) FDA of the United States. China works on medical mask manufacturer for helping peoples. For china this medical mask is also listed as a medical device. By referring to the testing standards from the US FDA and must apply for product registration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of China.

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Mask (respirator)

This group of masks, we will be classified in the group of respiratory protective equipment. Respirator for industrial personnel will be familiar as well. But with the situation of the Covid-19 virus outbreak and dust in china, we know more about this mask. Our recommended company manufacturer the health accessories, you can check through the highlighted link and purchase our best products. When it comes to masks (respirators) on the US side, the regulatory and standardization agency the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) is an industrial hygiene agency under the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Prevention Department of Health and Human Services), the United States disease prevention agency. It is the person who determines the mask qualification and registers the mask that has been certified through the TC Code. If it is a normal mask, it is not considered a medical device. Do not ask for permission from the FDA. There are also some masks designed specifically for medical use (Surgical N95), which have added protection against liquid permeation and testing its anti-microbial properties the mask is both NIOSH-certified and FDA-approved, making it a medical device. Must obtain permission from the FDA before selling and importing

Use and purpose of use

Medical mask (Surgical Mask)  

The main aim is to protect against liquids, droplets, secretions. Or various droplets coming out of the wearer essentially, the wearer prevents himself from releasing the particles to other people. It can be seen that most patients are advised to enter. But for the epidemic situation of COVID-19 due to research that the Covid-19 virus It is spread mainly through droplet transmission. It is cheaper than N95 masks, so the government encourages everyone to wear them at all time to protect you and reduce the rate of infection as well.   

Mask (respirator)

masks are typically used in the industrial sector to filter the particles of dust particles in the air or other particles (aerosol) that are as small as 0.3 microns, but because of the efficiency of this small dust filter. It is used in medical prevention as well especially in places where there is a high risk of a large number of micro droplets, such as in hospitals, treatment facilities for infected people. And especially in the operating room or ICU room, which may be used to use some tools. Or some work processes, such as inserting various tools to patients that produce small aerosols. Or pressurized processes cause the diffusion of liquids which may contain dense secretions of aerosols. The medical personnel will use the surgical type of mask with added properties to protect against water spray aerosol secretions but in the event of a shortage of masks therefore, the use of masks is permitted as a replacement.

Wearing, fitting, wearing By Different

Medical mask (Surgical Mask)  

Because it does not focus on protection against dust or very small droplets therefore, it does not focus on the shape that must be tightened to the face. There is no air leak test on the edge of the mask. And there are no requirements or procedures for wearing them. Usually it is disposable and not reusable.

Mask (respirator) 

Emphasis on dust protection or very small droplets therefore, it will emphasize the tight fitting. Especially around the edge of the mask there are procedures and methods for testing to prevent leakage of outside air inside. For general dustproof applications should change the mask when the mask surface is dirty and clogged until it starts to breathe, but in the case of use for protection against germs should be discarded immediately after use.

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