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Summer Fitness Trends

With the milder outdoor temperatures prevailing once again, Summer Fitness Trends you may recognise a need to adapt your fitness habits to mirror the season. That is not unusual as fitness regimens are not a static occurrence. It is normal for them to change over time, Summer Fitness Trends be it from goal to goal, interest to interest or climate to climate. Therefore, as you go into the summer, remember that trends tend to change, and exploring them may be a good and exciting thing.

So as the weather becomes sunnier and temperatures warmer, here are a few summer  trends to look out for:

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Outdoor Training By Fitness

Over the last two years, the large-scale gym closures have had an interesting knock-on effect on some training habits. Since most of the time in that same period, the only group fitness activities that could occur were those that took place outside. Now, more exercise enthusiasts opt to take advantage of the milder weather by participating in outdoor training sessions held in parks and other venues.


Another way of enjoying pleasant summer weather is by communing with nature itself. One of the most present methods is through hikes or trail running. While it may seem like it is nothing more than taking an extended walk, hiking is, in fact, an excellent cardiovascular activity. It is a full-body workout that presents numerous fitness benefits, including core strengthening, muscle enhancement and increased endurance, to name a few. In addition, some studies show that hiking can be a mood enhancer. So you get to care for your mental and physical health simultaneously.


Today, swimming is so prevalent that it is practically Australia’s national pastime. It is also the ideal outdoor activity, more so because it so effortlessly combines exercise and recreation. However, as part of health mandates, public swimming pool closures have rendered access a little more difficult. In this case, you may try changing to open water swimming. So, if you live near a large body of water, for instance, a lake or the ocean, try using it as your training ground.

Home-Based Exercise For fitness

The recent lockdowns also compelled many people to change their views on gym locations. Consequently, there was a shift in how they saw the space within their homes. The living room, patio, or other open areas have become home gyms. This trend has continued even with easing restrictions. Therefore, since working out at home is more popular, you may also take advantage of this shift. In addition, you don’t have to spend a lot of money creating a whole new fitness space to get what you need. Your home gym can be as bareboned as an empty spot in a room big enough for an exercise mat and dumbbells.

Online HIIT Classes

Working out at home does not have to be an individual endeavour. You can also enrol in an online fitness class. Such classes are now highly sought after, and the numbers of trainers and classes continue rising to match the demand. Therefore, search for a training course that piques your interest, be it online or in person.

As you explore a new exercise regimen or enhance the one you are currently on, don’t forget the other pillar of fitness; diet. Your nutrition remains an essential aspect of good physical health, so remember to eat healthy meals. Additionally, there are also supplements available to help you power your workouts. So a consider picking up a tub of Optimum Nutrition- Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder or Max’s- Clean Mass mass gainers or XTEND- Original BCAAs amino acids. They may be just the right nutritional companion to help you attain your summer fitness goals.

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