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Students’ Choice 2022 – Laptop or Desktop

Computers have instilled Students’ Choice 2022 – Laptop in our lives so well that we do not even remember when and how we managed without them. All our life is inside this set of iron parts – communication, shopping, studies, Students’ Choice 2022 – Laptop work – literally every sphere of our life.

It all started with bulky desktop computers many years ago. Students’ Choice 2022 – Laptop Nowadays desktops are no longer like that, they are cute and comfortable. Plus, we have a portable version of them – laptops. If you are a college student, you understand that having one of these is a must-have. But the market offers so many models of PCs and laptops that you don’t know where to look first. Let’s see how good they are for different purposes of a student and which one is best for you.

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Laptop or Computer: what suits a college student best 

Both of these gadgets execute same functions. However, many college students prefer having a laptop for educational purposes because of its portability. Gamers will definitely prefer having a desktop because it gives more options for playing. Besides its wide screen, bigger storage capabilities, etc. will make a gaming process more enjoyable.

However, we can honestly say that none is better, each has pros and cons. It all depends on the specific needs of the future owner.

If you want to buy a gadget with perspective that will serve you several years and won’t let you down in a critical moment, you can’t just buy it by appearance. You will have to consider several criteria.


A desktop reminds of a Lego set because you can add more components to it and make it really cool. The price of the components also makes the purchase more expensive. If we take the desktop only, its price may start at about $400. This will include computer and monitor. And this is going to be a rather powerful machine. And it is up to you what components to add to it.

Laptops have many components built-in, and they are quite limited as to this regard. A more powerful device will obviously cost more. Depending on the brand, the price of the laptop may start at $ 1300.


It is obvious that laptop has this advantage to the PC. Use of smaller parts allows making laptop more compact.

Internal storage

The difference between the computer and laptop in terms of internal storage is that the first has several internal drivers, and the latter usually has only one. It means that computer’s capability of internal storage is much bigger.

External storage

Both of these devices are able to connect to a number of external drivers. It is true that laptop is a bit limited in their amount, but the difference is not that significant.

Size of screen

Desktop monitors may have screen larger than 19 inches, while the maximal size of the laptop screen is 17 inches.


There are no limitations for the keyboards that go with computers. Depending on the size of the laptop the keyboard will differ. The bigger the laptop the larger its keyboard. But it makes the device a bit bulky.


When it comes to repairing devices, specialists say that it is much easier to do to a computer. This is due to availability of the hardware for computers, they can be bought literally in almost every store.

It is a bit complicated when it comes to repairing a laptop since in most cases you will need to order original parts from the manufacturer.

Why You Need Student Computer For Home

Besides the studies, students would use desktop computer for other purposes – gaming, communication, TV. The same desktop can be upgraded from time to time and be able to satisfy your needs that demands latest software.

Let’s be honest, every student sooner or later forgets about his home assignment and starts doing something more pleasant – play computer games, watch TV shows, hang out with friends, etc. In this case having a computer at home with nig screen can be a problem for the studies.

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Best Laptop For Students 

There is one absolute advantage a laptop has to desktop PC – its portability. This is what many students value most of all. Being a student means you are always on the move. Besides college classes, students have extra curriculum activities, part-time jobs, etc. Having a laptop means you don’t waste your time, you can take your studies anywhere with you.

Final word

Still, the final decision depends on the specific person and their needs. Both PC and laptop have advantages and disadvantages. So, when buying a device, you just need to make a list what is important for you and what your purpose of using it, and then just make your choice. Good luck!

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