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Star Citizen Players Guide: Common Steps For Players To Do in Star Citizen

Star Citizen shows a large scale of the space for players in the game, Star Citizen Players Guide: Common Steps For Players To Do in so many players have no idea about what they should do when they begin the journey of space adventure. There are also some common steps that players need to understand in their mind in Star Citizen. You can read this article to know about what you can do when you play in Star Citizen. Furthermore, players can choose to buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC to level up their ships quickly in order to complete more missions in the game .Star Citizen Players Guide: Common Steps For Players To Do in

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Get Up From Your Bed and Open MobiGlas

You should know that you always spawn in your bed. So, the first step is to get up from your bed by pressing the Y of F keys. Go ahead outside and see the view from your apartment building. Then, go down the lift and head to the nearest spaceport.

Because there are no equipment for you in the beginning of Star Citizen, you need to prepare for your daily tasks in the game in advance. You can press the F1 Key to display the mobiGlas which performs as your holographic PDA that controls nearly everything in the game. The mobiGlas plays an important role in Star Citizen. You can check the various tab, such as personal loadout, ship loadout, map, and missions list. Remember to familiarize yourself with the mobiGlas.

Start Space Flight

When you arrive at the spaceport, you can go to one of the terminals to spawn your ship. It will show you which hanger the ship spawns in, then you can take the lift to that hanger. Step inside your ship and take the pilot’s seat. Tap F key and them power on your ship and start the flight ready. In the process of flight, your shields and engines are charging at the same time. 

Please open up your contacts screen by taping F11. You can find the spaceport from friends tab. Click on it and you will be admitted to take off, if you want to land safely, just repeat it the same way. It is easy for you to take off the plane. Spacebar can be used to strafe up. You can increase or decrease your speed limiter by using the mouse scroll and C is for cruise control. N key is used to retract landing gear. 

Just start the way. Point your head toward the sky and you will be in space quickly. Fly around the space in order to get used to the basic controls. For example, Mouse buttons fire guns.

Earn Money

There are some options for you to earn money in Star Citizen.

At first, missions always perform as the first choice for new players in Star Citizen. You can display your mobiGlas and see your list of available missions. There are different kinds of missions for players to choose. For instance, bounty missions, delivery missions, and special investigation missions. As you are going to build your reputation, you will also obtain more missions. You can select some easy missions to earn money.

You can also try to complete bounty hunting missions. Even if you die in the missions, you will spawn back on the planet and get back your ship through insurance. Bounty hunting may be the easiest way to earn money in the game. 

Mining is one of the most involved career option for players who are not fond of complete missions in the game. It rewards players with pretty good payout. You can do hand mining or mine through using one of the many specific mining ships in the game. It is not a good choice for you to buy one of these ships at first. You need to familiarize the mechanics in the beginning.

If you have no idea about what you can do in the game, you can follow these steps to do you daily missions in Star Citizen. And if you want to exchange a good ship, you can Buy Star Citizen UEC to get the suitable ship from the market. Some useful ships are usually sale in cheap prices in the shop.

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