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Spick and Span Spaces: Office Cleaning Supplies and Secrets

Did you know that the average office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat? 

If you’ve been slacking on your office cleaning schedule, it’s time to buck up. Spick and Span Spaces: Office  Your employees will be healthier in a clean environment and more productive, too. 

Keep reading to find the best office cleaning supplies and hacks to make your space sparkle. 

Non-Negotiable Office Cleaning Supplies

Before reading our office cleaning tips, gather your supplies first. Spick and Span Spaces: Office 

Floor care items like vacuums, mops, brooms can keep dirt, mud, and other debris at bay. You might also invest in a carpet cleaning machine to remove tough stains and extract odors. If your office is huge, you may need industrial floor cleaning machines to make fast work of your cleaning job. 

Cleaning chemicals will help you sanitize the office and tackle messes. Bleach is one of the most common cleaning solutions but you need to be sure you’re using it right. Take the time to read the labels on your cleaners to avoid creating toxic gases.  

Paper towels and cleaning rags are another must-have. You might also want to invest in some heavy-duty scrubbers for tough stains. 

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Office Cleaning Tricks

Now that you know what supplies you need, let’s look at some of our best office cleaning tips.

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Provide Recycling Receptacles

Your employees may be throwing recyclable materials in the office trash cans. This can create much more garbage than necessary. Cut back on office waste by providing recycling receptacles and a short lesson on how to recycle. 

Clean Electronics the Right Way

There are some cleaning supplies you should never use on electronic components. Bleach, for example, can ruin computer finishes and may even destroy them altogether.

Before cleaning computer accessories, ensure everything is off.

Shake keyboards upside down to remove any crumbs or dust. A can of compressed air works wonders at cleaning out any other debris that found its way inside. A disinfectant wipe works great to remove bacteria.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean computer screens. Harsh chemicals and paper towels can damage the screen. You can wet the cloth, but be sure to wring it would very well before using it on your screen.

Use a disinfectant wipe on desk phones. Don’t skip this important step as office phones can host over 25,000 germs per square inch. 

Clean the Carpet

Most offices have some kind of carpet throughout. It doesn’t take long for it to get noticeably dirty. While vacuuming every day is a good start, you need to go deeper. 

Invest in a carpet cleaner that uses hot water and chemicals. These machines provide a deep clean that can make your carpet look new again.

A Clean Office Makes a Happy Office

The less dirty your office is, the healthier, and more productive your employees will be. Buy the best office cleaning supplies and get to work on making your space sparkle.

Keep reading our blogs for tips on keeping yourself and your employees happy and healthy. 

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