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Soul Memory Calculator


This current Soul Memory Calculator is in Patch 1.06 – Reg 1.08. Bring and PvP range in Dark Souls 2 is determined by s Soul Memory Calculator. There is a restriction of 45 million soul memory, which a few players call the “Top Tier” when they exceed this cutoff, the memory of the spirit will be to no end among the players. For instance: a player with 45 million soul memory can attack a player with 700 million soul memory and the other way around. The engraved ring with the name decreases the spirit memory expected to assault and call the players to the “Top Tier”.

How to compute Ranges:

Soul Memory Calculator is partitioned into levels, yet levels are not troublesome limits. All things considered; the multi-player things are extended with various qualities ​​of the three neighboring levels. So, there are no definite figures included, it is an issue of

  1. A) Which tie am I on.
  2. B) What tier above and beneath mine would I be able to meet?

Numerous individuals from general society have chosen to quit raising their spirit level to 150, yet this is because of their conviction that the similarity depends on the spirit level and not the memory of the spirit in NG +. On the off chance that you will probably partake in just PvP versus 150 player occasions, putting 150 can be yours, and if you need to utilize just the (du) arenas. In any case on the off chance that you need to be assaulted by irregular players and assault by arbitrary players, there is positively no motivation to quit raising your spirit level, you will possibly debilitate yourself by playing on the web on the off chance that you would prefer not to. Expertise chooses who wins in certain fights, yet if you could live at 150 and reliably increment your memory and, at that point say, you have figured out how to outperform fifteen million (The Top Tier), at that point, you will wind up confronting players with the most significant levels of soul, with 40 in all measurements, or more.


You can see the indications of the White Sign Soapstone when you are human and there is as yet a boss alive in your general vicinity. Indications of a little Small Sign will show up regardless of whether the supervisor is dead.

Being in the Heir of the Sun doesn’t expand the SM level, it simply makes your spirit/shadow and your unmistakable look like gold. Regardless of whether it expands the odds of your appearance showing up isn’t ensured.

You can just call one ghost or a shadow at Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol, maybe to keep you from assaulting with 3v2 fights.

The Blue Sentinels are no restrictions to Soul Memory Calculator.

The assault on the Mirror Squire (from the Looking Glass Knight shield on NG + or more) appears to disregard the NG/NG + split, even though this has not been affirmed. Else you may think they work much the same as the standard Red Sign Soapstone.

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