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Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack: Metal Gear is an action series based on adventure stealth video games. Hideo Kojima has created this game and Konami has developed and published this game. The 1st game is Metal gear that was released in 1987 for MSX home computers. 

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Sneak Attack

Before the most common game, Metal Gear Solid, the noticeable games were stealth ones. Sneak Attack were in demand a bit. However, they were followed by other games that just revolved around stealth. This list includes the famous GTA San Andreas, Chicken Run GBC, Redemption, Zero Mission, Mission Impossible, Shadow of Rome, Red Faction, Rogue Ops., Second Sight, The Wind Waker, and others.

Clearly, that was the best time of these games. However, Metal Gear Solid was something almost new in the gaming world. There were still some options from the past games. However, there was a new genre that revolved around the idea of avoiding your enemies instead of fighting with and overcoming them. At that time, stealth was very common. Even if a game is totally different, it also included stealth in their game in some parts. They just meant to include stealth to diversify their gameplay. However, these parts were poorly conceived and add nothing to the fun.

Getting into Position

Metal Gear Solid was one of the best games, and it brought an end to stealth games. However, as some people think, this was not the first game that came up with an idea of sneaking up on your opponents. Indeed, this game was even not the first one in its series. Metal Gear Series was already very common with some of the best games.

There were a pair of games that were only for Japan MSX. The first game of MSX came out in 1987. It was followed by another game in 1990 which name was Meta Gear 2: Solid Snake. In America, in 1988, we first saw the NES part of the game. After that, it became one of the most famous games in America. However, its American sequel, Snake’s Revenge, was rather less common.

Metal Gear was one of the most common games in the era. Most of its pieces were also reused in the later common game, PlayStation. The first thing it introduced was Solid Snake. Even today that is the main character of the game. Metal Gear also sets the standard format for all other games that will come after it. In all games, Snake starts the game where he has nothing else than his fists and one single pack of cigarettes. In these games, the Snake must infiltrate into a fortress that has very strong protection. The Snake has to get all the equipment and arms that it needs.

The same elements were also present in the MSX and NES days. You had to neutralize an electrified room with the use of remote-guided missiles. If you need to contact your support team, you have only one way available that is through a radio transceiver. After these basic twists same scenes, then comes the twist of the story. The twist of the story also includes using some sort of nuclear missiles.

Apart from the Metal Gear series, there were also some games that have almost the same concept. The first one of these games was, The Sentinel. It was developed in 1986 in the United Kingdom. In this game, the main purpose was to keep your character out of sight from enemies. You will take covers and will throw the Sentinel out to claim its place.


After that game and before the Metal Gear Solid, there was not much of a similar context. One famous game was Stealth Assassins. It was an alternate to the same game as it was a complete PlayStation game and had 3D in it. The basic concept of this game was also the game where you had to avoid being spotted.

Some people question why MGS became so much famous. Among the main reasons was the gameplay, strong story, best graphics, while the gameplay was very easy to understand and had room for change for each player. The best part was the radar screen, where there was a visibility meter to help you avoid sight from enemies. It will allow you to hide quickly and even still get close to your enemies. Some people think that this mechanism is very easy to play. However, there were other obstacles, too, that made this game very interesting.

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