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Smart Mathematicians – Learn maths the effective & fun way

Smart Mathematicians – Learn maths

Since 1995, Singaporean students have won nearly every international Olympiad in mathematics and logic. Almost every year they are ranked in the top 10 students in mathematics among all countries. An impressive result isn’t it?Smart Mathematicians – Learn maths Maybe the whole secret is in a non-standard approach to maths tuition? Let’s take a look at this article.

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Gradual complication method

The main goal of the Singapore program is to teach students to think and understand. This is the basis for dividing complex material into smaller parts that absolutely all students can learn. They receive dosed Smart Mathematicians – Learn maths information about each stage and are not overloaded with huge amounts of information.

At each stage, teachers immerse students in the essence of the topic as much as possible. Because they believe that knowing all the formulas by heart is not a good way, it is much more important to have an understanding. Only after that does everyone move on to formulas, graphs, and other complex things.

In fact, this approach to a maths tuition is nothing new. The genius of this method was understood by an American specialist in cognitive psychology. The work of his entire life was to identify the patterns of processes that occur around a person using mathematics. This greatly simplifies the perception and understanding of mathematics with visual live examples.

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Each stage is presented to Singaporean students through three main stages of perception:

  • specific;
  • pictural;
  • abstract.

Each stage is based on the practical experience of the students. They learn about the physical properties of various objects and how mathematical phenomena can have different effects on them.

Next, they move on to the so-called pectoral stage. Everything that they have mastered before continues to visualize with the help of pictures and drawings on paper.

After passing through two stages, the final third stage of perception begins – abstract. Already at this stage, students will effortlessly be able to visualize and imagine in their mind those processes that can occur due to the influence of mathematics.

Success secrets for Singaporean students & teachers

A distinctive phenomenon of Singaporean education is that each topic is fixed many times at each stage. This is done so that all students can understand and study the topic. Singaporean teachers don’t know words like “incapable,” “lagging,” and so on. They teach mathematics to absolutely all students in the class. Also, the class in a friendly way helps the lagging students to pull up the passed stages and everyone moves on only after 100% of the students have mastered all the material.

Why is the education system in Singapore so different from other countries, in addition to the peculiarities of the methods of teaching mathematics:

  • teachers in the country are the most respected people;
  • parents help teachers, and never question teacher authority;
  • Singaporean teachers work 12 hours a day;
  • in order to get admission to teaching, specialists undergo serious training;
  • students learn math every day for an hour.

On the whole, the secret of success for Singaporean mathematicians is simple. They are taught to love the subject through play, interaction, and communication. The country does not encourage a negligent attitude to the subject and does not divide students into successful and unsuccessful students.

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