Sharon Marie Huddle: The Tragic Story of James Ex-Wife

People worldwide were on edge as they waited to hear news about the arrest of the Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker. Joseph James deangelo Sharon Marie huddle identifies. It was in custody, but many people didn’t know that he had once married to Sharon Marie Huddle. They had Sharon Marie huddle daughters together. But they were eventually divorce. While details are sparse, we now know that after their divorce, Sharon huddle eventually fell on hard times and ended up homeless.

Sharon Marie Huddle Biography:

Sharon huddle attorney is a mother, wife, attorney, and political figure. She is famous for have married to joseph James DeAngelo, who was thought to be one of California’s most want serial killers. But was later reveal to be innocent. Sharon Marie huddle has worked in government for over 25 years and holds a bachelor of arts from Johns Hopkins University. Worked for 15 years as counsel for Driscoll strawberry corporation and acted as director for stepchild adoption. She became head counsel at the plaintiff firm Ernst & Young in Los Angeles, where she remains today.

She is currently focusing on the class action lawsuit against Sears holdings company after the company shut down its stores nationwide. Sharon marie huddle co-founded missy’s angels with friend Rebecca Cooperman. The nonprofit organization seeks to provide services for women and children through transitional housing facilities and individualized support programs, including art therapy.

Where was Sharon Marie Huddle Raised?

Sharon Marie Huddle was born in 1956 and raised in her hometown by her parents. There is not much data about her life; her parents’ names are unknown. She is introverted and makes her life private and low-key. However, she pursued her career in practicing family law as an adult, and her parents supported her at an immense level.

Since her childhood, she has had cruel interpersonal skills and behavior. Sharon went to Juan High School and American River College. In short, Sharon Huddle left college before graduation and studied law at Sacramento City College. In that year, she got married to the criminal who was convict of the Golden State Killer. He met her when he acted as a defense when Sharon Marie huddle attorney get into a car accident that left a man dead.

How Did Sharon Marie Huddle Pursue Her Career?

Inspired by her passion for the legal profession, Huddle pursued her goal of a law degree, fulfilling her life-long dream; she graduated from law school. Sharon is now consider a family law attorney, and her law firm has a specialization in divorce, family law, and real estate law. The California State Bar reveals that Sharon holds an active license, allowing her to practice law in that state. She was admit to the bar after a letter of counsel from the family lawyer.

The license remains inactive for the following eight months, but it became active again. In addition, there is no time limit for when disciplinary action will happen. When practicing law, Sharon found an organization called National Coalition Against Surrogacy. When the state was consider a law on surrogacy for women, Sharon co-founded the organization.

Sharon’s Marriage:

Sharon Marie met and married the police officer – Joseph James DeAngelo when she was still in law school. Sharon was only about a few years old when she married DeAngelo, who was also about a few years old. But after their marriage, they were bless with three daughters. The first daughter was born, followed by the second and third. All three children have interests and ambitions that led them to careers in their respective fields. Currently, they are living a thriving, pressure-free life. One of the couple’s daughters is an ER doctor, while another is a Ph.D. candidate at a university. When he was arrest, he was living with one of his daughters.

Why was Sharon Marie’s Husband Arrested?

DeAngelo was caught and sentence to life in prison with no chance of parole. His sentence is due to 13 counts of murder and kidnapping of the same number of people. For years he was consider a suspect, and finally, he was found guilty. Moreover, DeAngelo also responsible for things. He served as a police officer and a U.S. Navy veteran and then had to get around his neighborhood’s illegal and criminal activities by hiring criminals as bodyguards. It became his habit, but soon it became one too many when the locals would never hire him. Even so, there is no record of Sharon Marie’s awareness of her husband’s criminal acts or lack thereof. Most likely, she did not know about his unsavory or illegal deeds.

Is Sharon Marie’s Husband Joseph James DeAngelo Criminal:

It states that when he was arrest, he was complete a woodworking project in his garage. Upon arrival, the 72-year-old truck mechanic ask the arresting team for the roast he had prepared inside. Authorities think he was a prowler. So, he is dubb the Original Night Stalker and known as the Golden State Killer. Before coming to California, he kill a young couple in the Sacramento area. Inside his home, at night, he brutally murdered ten people. DeAngelo had an aluminum fishing boat and dirt bike. Always kept his lawn trimmed and tended to. And would climb to the tops of several boulders to trim the edges of his lawn.

What did She say on Her Husband’s Arrest?

Speaking with the Daily Mail about her husband’s arrest, she stated that she would never trust her husband again and would have severe PTSD. Sharon is declaring: I will never be the same person. I now live every day know how he attack and damage hundreds of innocent people’s lives and murder 13 innocent people who were loved and missed for 40 years or more. Sharon Marie Huddle stays out of the public eye and maintain her privacy since the shooting. After her husband’s arrest, Sharon fell into despair after hearing about his criminal charges. And will never be the same as she was. Her husband’s criminal behavior was toxic to her psyche and drastically changed her mentality. Although she had a generally happy life, her love for her husband could not extinguish.

Sharon Marie Huddle Age and Parents:

Sharon Marie Huddle Age and Parents Sharon Marie Huddle is 56 years old. She was born in Sacramento, California. Her parents, Kathleen Louise Bosanko, Joseph James DeAngelo Sr., and Sharon Marie Huddle Attorney After discovering that her ex-husband was a serial killer, Sharon contact an attorney to explore her legal options. While she may not be able to claim any compensation for the crimes committed by her ex-husband, she may have the right to collect some money from the sale of his house. She has said that she plans to get a lawyer to work with authorities to uncover how much money he stole over the years.

She has also state that if any remaining money is left after all debts are paid off, it will go into a trust fund for their daughter Kerri Suzanne Huddle, who was murder back. Sharon reportedly received over $20,000 as part of his final divorce settlement and plans to use it towards funding the trust fund for their daughter. Sharon attended one of Joseph James DeAngelo’s court hearings, where he appeared via video link from jail last year. In recent interviews, Sharon had revealed that their marriage had been strained before they separated.

Education: Studied Law at College

Moving towards her educational background, Sharon first went to San Juan High School and attended American River College. After graduation, James DeAngelo’s ex-wife studied law at McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, in Sacramento. In short, Sharon Huddle moved on to law practice after her university career. Her first job was as a deputy district attorney at Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. After three years there, she became a senior assistant city attorney at San Diego City Attorney’s Office.

Sharon Marie Huddle is a Lawyer by Profession:

As for her profession, Sharon Marie Huddle is an attorney. Her law firm, which is known as Sharon Marie Huddle, practices divorce, family, and real estate law. According to the California State Bar, Huddle currently works in Roseville without disciplinary action on her license. The law attorney admitted to the bar still has an active license to practice law in California.

Final Takeaway:

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Sharon also advocates surrogacy. She once helped mount a fight against surrogate motherhood. Further, Huddle is the co-founder of the National Coalition Against Surrogacy. She found the organization when California considers the law that would govern the rights of surrogate mothers who are paid to carry fetuses of egg and sperm donors. Huddle Fought Against Government to Legalize Surrogacy. When she was a few years, Sharon married Joseph DeAngelo. They were together for two years and divorced. She married her second husband and had two children with him. She continued to fight for the rights of surrogates after her divorce from Joseph, but it was not until that surrogacy became legal in California.

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