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Serverwala – What is Dedicated Server USA & Why You Should Upgrade Your Hosting?

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of the online presence of your business. Although, starting and running a business is not sufficient to earn a huge profit. But you need to make efforts to grow it. For that, web hosting plays a vital role in succeeding your business. That’s why choosing a Dedicated Server USA Hosting by Serverwala is the ideal option that gives you all the standard resources to maintain an online presence and ensure the rapid growth of your business in the web hosting market. 

To know the complete fundamentals, when and why you need to upgrade to the US Dedicated Server, read out this post. Let’s get started!

Intro – What is a US Dedicated Server? 

A Dedicated Server is a centralized system or computer where users buy the webspace on rent from the web host providers. It gives you intense resources and enterprise-grade services such as a high level of security, optimal performance, reliable network connectivity, robust infrastructure, server access, managed plans, etc. All these benefits you get with the Dedicated Server USA at an affordable price. That’s why it is best for the users who run resource-intensive and heavy traffic-loaded sites such as E-commerce sites, online shopping sites, HRMS portals, gaming servers, etc. 

Further, it is categorized into two major parts: Managed and Unmanaged. So, if you are experts in technical skills and have a limited budget, then go with unmanaged dedicated hosting. If you have enough money to hire someone for the server management for your site, then a Managed Dedicated Server in USA is for you.

Why You Need a Dedicated Server Hosting in USA?

A US Dedicated Servers are beneficial for every type of business because of providing uncountable benefits. Therefore, every user would like to buy it for their business. So, let’s know some of the reasons that why you need a Dedicated Server Hosting in USA:

To host Unlimited Websites.

It’s obvious that you can host unlimited websites on a shared server because it gives you the limited space for hosting numbers of websites. Therefore, to host as many websites as you can operate and manage, you need a robust and huge hosting environment. For that, you need a Dedicated Server USA. It allows you to host up to unlimited websites in the physical space. 

To get 100% Dedicated Resources.

When you manage various sites and need to operate them simultaneously to sustain their optimal performance and speed, you need dedicated resources. However, a US Dedicated Server Hosting devoted to a single user means giving you the 100% dedicated resources. So, you can easily manage all the websites without letting them down. 

To Customize Resources

It’s true that a Dedicated Server USA is an expensive plan in comparison to another web hosting. Therefore, every user can’t buy it for their online business. However, customization makes it affordable for the users. This means you would not buy all the services of a dedicated server in USA. You can customize services as per requirements and only need to pay only for your selected services. 

To handle high traffic websites.

When your business gradually starts growing, then it receives more traffic on your site. Therefore, if you have hosted your site on a Shared server, it may slow down your site and let it experience downtime. This is because the shared hosting neither provides you dedicated resources nor can it handle traffic spikes. So, you need a Best Dedicated Server in US that drives traffic without making your website sluggish. 

For better reliability

With the Dedicated Server USA Hosting, you get the dedicated resources that ensure high reliability for your online business. This means you can use these services for your website without any stress.  

For securing website data

If you run resource-intensive sites, it surely comprises many sensitive and confidential data that you need to secure from various attacks. For that, you need the best Dedicated Server Hosting in USA that gives you a high level of security measures(AES, TLS, and DDoS protection) to protect your data from hackers, spammers, malware, etc. 

Why You Should Upgrade Hosting with USA Dedicated Server Hosting?

You may know when you need the Dedicated Server, then it’s time to upgrade your hosting to a Dedicated Server USA Hosting. But still, you are completely aware of why you should do this. So, let us tell you the reasons to upgrade your hosting.

To manage the web traffic.

When your site starts growing, then it receives high traffic over the web. So, if you use the shared hosting, it can’t handle this traffic because of limited resources. That’s why to manage the web traffic, you need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server USA Hosting. 

To improve SEO efforts.

It’s genuine that you have various factors to improve your SEO efforts, but web hosting is one. If you choose to host on shared hosting, it gives you limited resources that you need to share. Hence any malware that affects one website may have a risk to also harm your site. This may also affect your SEO efforts. That’s why you need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server USA that gives you an independent platform and dedicated resources solely for you. So, you can easily improve your SEO rankings. 

To get optimal performance.

Performance is the key factor for all online businesses. As discussed, you can’t expect this with the shared hosting. That’s why you need to upgrade your hosting. So, you can experience and deliver optimal performance to your potential customers. 

For high uptime

Uptime is the most important as the performance for your site. This ensures to keep your site ranking always up and never let it down in any way. With a Dedicated Server USA Hosting, you will get 99.99% uptime with zero or minimal downtime.  

High availability of resources

If you want your site, never wait to utilize the resources, then you need to choose a web hosting that gives you high availability of resources like a US Dedicated Server. It gives you more memory, storage capacity, bandwidth, Random Access Memory, CPU usages, etc., with the flexibility to scale up your resources.

Root Access

Server Access and administration is another reason to upgrade your hosting to a Dedicated Server USA Hosting. This is because sometimes you need to configure your server, make some changes, need to install some custom applications, etc. For that, you need SSH level access that you get with the dedicated server.

Server Management

If you want your web host to manage your hosting, you need the server that offers you the choices of selecting the managed and unmanaged plans. So, you would be free from server management. For that, Dedicated hosting is the best choice that gives you managed plans in which you would not do anything apart from focusing on your sales and new strategies to grow your business.

Finally, you may know when you need to upgrade your hosting to the Best Dedicated Server in USA. Then, it’s time to talk about the most important thing – a web host from where you buy the Cheapest Dedicated Server USA Hosting. So, let’s know about Serverwala and check whether or not it’s a great decision for your business. 

Why Choose Serverwala to Buy a Dedicated Server in USA?

Serverwala is a leading web hosting provider that provides its exclusive and high caliber services across the globe. This provides you with hosting services such as shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cluster, Cloud, and colocation services. Moreover, the company offers you all the resources, benefits, services, and exclusive customer support with these hosting at an affordable price. So, you can also rely on their services and support and start your hosting with the serverwala dedicated plans. 


Serverwala Dedicated Server USA Hosting is the ideal and perfect solution for goal-specific businesses. This is because it provides you all the standard and advanced resources, including heightened security, complete server administrations, powerful hardware, seamless performance, robust infrastructure, and much more, at an affordable price. So, you can opt for the best Dedicated Server in USA plans to run and grow your business. Also, it provides you 24*7 customer support. So, you can reach them easily via WhatsApp, Skype, email, Live Chat, and over the call for instant solutions. 

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