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Serverwala: Buy The Best Dedicated Server UAE With a Complete Isolated Environment

The need for an independent hosting platform, entire server control, and dedicated resources must have driven you to go through this guide. After all, a Dedicated Server is a go-to choice for most website owners looking for the right web host for their resource intensive websites. Because it is the ideal choice for users who run traffic-heavy websites, host various sites, or want to run the critical applications for your business. Further, the Best Dedicated Server UAE Plans comes with extensive, reliable resources, great power, unique IP address, control panel, OS choices, and much more that belong entirely to a single tenant.

But, if you still have any sort of confusion in your mind regarding hopping into a UAE Dedicated Server, let me explain to you all the fundamentals about it and enlist some of the major factors to consider. Let’s get started!

About Dedicated Server UAE

A Dedicated Server is a web hosting type that is used to host websites of every size. It means you can host a large scale website on it, including a gaming site, HRMS portal, online shopping sites, etc., which comprises more than thousands of web pages. However, it is devoted to a single user; you get your own independent space for hosting and industry leading services. Further, the Dedicated Server UAE has the dedicated resources, enterprise grade services, and high-caliber features. So, you can ensure the high availability of resources, optimal performance, and super accelerated speed for your site.

Further, it gives you better options to pick the best solution for your website from a managed and unmanaged Dedicated Server UAE plans. Both plans are different in pricing, management, features, and maintenance.

Most users opt for the Managed Dedicated Server in UAE plans to keep them away from the hassle of server management and maintenance. In contrast, users who have a tight budget and have expert knowledge of technical terms prefer unmanaged plans.

Why Do You Need a UAE Based Dedicated Server?

As we know that a UAE based Dedicated Server comes with a comprehensive price tag, such that its maintenance and management is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, if you fall in any one of the below mentioned categories, you should consider the Dedicated Server UAE for your site hosting.

To Host unlimited Websites

If you want to run critical applications and host multiple websites on your site, shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting are insufficient. That’s why you need the best Dedicated Server UAE plans that give you the freedom to host as many websites as you can maintain and operate.

To get 100% Dedicated Resources.

With a shared server, you need to share the resources. That’s why you would not enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources and independent space for hosting. But with a dedicated server in UAE, you get the complete isolated environment that ensures the 100% dedicated resources. So, your site never undergoes downtime, nor does it experience slow performance.

To Customize as per your needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE gives you the freedom to customize your hosting, install the custom applications, run the critical software on your server without any glitch.

For Reliability

As you get the dedicated resources that belong to you, your servers can be more reliable and provide you an elevated level of security against malicious activities. Similarly, a Dedicated Server UAE manages your data and sustains optimal performance even in heavy traffic loads.

For Security

If you run a resource-intensive website with sensitive and transitional information, you need to protect your data from various malware and attacks. In that case, a Dedicated Server UAE Hosting is the best option. It gives you DDoS protection, AES encryption security, and many custom security software such as Firewalls, etc.

So, you might make up your mind to host your site on a Dedicated Server at this point of discussion. Thus, to buy Dedicated Server UAE plans, you need to look for a reliable web host. For that, let us introduce you to one such leading and dependable, dedicated hosting provider, Serverwala, and dive into their portfolio and features.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a renowned and offshoring web hosting provider with a tremendous record of catering the leading services to their potential customers in various business sectors globally. The company’s inception in 2015 has delivered the most iconic features that every user mentions in their valuable words as reviews. However, receives various awards in such a duration. Moreover, the recognition the serverwala has achieved is by providing cost effective and enterprise grade plans from the shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Serverwala: Best Plans and Packages of Dedicated Server UAE

The company Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides you the cost effective and cheapest dedicated server plans with all the industry leading services. Also, all their plans are highly customizable, including the Windows and Linux Dedicated Server UAE plans. So, let’s check which comprise the features you need and should opt for your hosting. Now, let’s go through its affordable pricing and reliable features to pick the appropriate plans.

What is the use of a Dedicated Server in the UAE?

A Dedicated Server is an effective web hosting service that is used for many purposes. One of the basic or primary features is to host a website. Another use is to employ the benefits of robust hardware and software equipements, server access, flexibility, scalability, and much more. Along with these, some of the features and use of a Dedicated Server UAE is enlisted below:

Operating System Choice

If you want to run your website on a specific platform, then you need to choose the operating system. For that, Dedicated Server UAE Hosting gives you the freedom to select the operating system from Windows and Linux. So, you can pick any of them.

Solid State Drives

To employ the Solid State Drives for your website, ensuring the highest performance and fast speed. So, you can choose the Dedicated Server UAE hosting to get the increased storage capacity to accomplish your website needs.

Control Panel Choices

Like the operating system, you can choose the control panel options from Cpanel and Plesk Panels. It depends on your choice of the operating system.

Raid hardware

Serverwala’s UAE Dedicated Server supports all types of RAIDs from Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, and Raid 10. All the hardware is based on the latest technology that gives you an experience of optimal performance and high speed. So, you can buy them by paying an additional cost.

Sturdy Network

Serverwala’s Data Centers are joined by various enterprise grade service providers to provide end-users an experience of reliable and highly secure network connections.

Premium Bandwidth

With the cheap dedicated server hosting UAE, you get unlimited bandwidth with exclusive plans. So, you would not have to worry about the data journey and transfer from one network to any server.

Setup without any contract or extra charge

The company offers you the complete Dedicated Server at free of cost, with an opportunity to cancel the server at any time. For that, you would not have to pay any cancelation charges or penalties.

SSH root access

You need server access to make the necessary changes on your server. However, the company provides you complete root level access with their Dedicated Server UAE plans. So, you can efficiently operate and manage your server as you want.

Serverwala – Why it is the best provider of Dedicated Servers in the UAE

Serverwala is a leading and fastest-growing web hosting provider that offers you many web hosting services. These services may vary in terms of scalability, customizability, server access, pricing, and freedom to host for small to large sites. It includes the shared hosting for business beginners, VPS for the users who have tight budgets but want the resources like a Dedicated Server, and a Dedicated Server UAE plans for resource intensive websites and goal specific businesses. With all the hostings, a set of dedicated resources like a dedicated Random Access Memory, Storage space, bandwidth, Server access, customization & Control, etc., are common that you get.

Further, the company serves its enterprise grade services across prime locations globally. Because of catering to these world class services, it has received many awards and made more than 20K potential customers. Further, the company has an expert support team; that’s why it provides you 24*7 consistent support via various means such as WhatsApp, Skype, Call, Email, etc. So, you can easily reach them for instant solutions. That’s why serverwala is the best dedicated server UAE provider for you.


At this point, you may finally decide to make a massive investment in a Dedicated server UAE. You must do the research to compare plans, specifications, pricing to make a decision. With Serverwala, you’ll get the Cheap UAE Dedicated Servers with all the enterprise grade and intense resources along with consistent support at an affordable price.


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